Operations Management

I troubleshoot, I remain calm and I thrive off consistent conflict. I make decisions off data and analysis. I put out fires and like to understand how each system works. I’m process driven and love to work in a defined environment. After an issue, I debrief and establish new actions and make sure they are rehearsed on the new process.

I love sitting in the command post and using data feeds to drive decisions.
I’m an Operations/Logistics Manager. 


Time 2 – 5 weeks online

Date Available now

Cost Free for veterans


This career pathway is very well suited to any veteran who is a junior to senior leader within their Corps/ Mustering/ Category and has received consistently high marks in their annual reports for management and leadership. Any veteran that has thrived when working detached in the Command Post making a decision, taking into account different information, analysing a problem and keeping the engine room going will be suited for this pathway.


Potential Income: $75000- $125000
Job Stability: High
Barriers to Entry: Low
Current Employability: Stable
Future Employability: Stable
Locations: 250,000+ Cities
Titles: Operations lead, Operations Manager, Operations Officer
Companies: Any company over 50 people across industry.

Operations/Logistics Managers are intimately involved with the organisation’s ‘business as usual’ (BAU) departments, which involves the daily delivery of goods and services to the business and/or its customers and clients.

These roles are usually high paced and require consistent performance with individuals displaying strong leadership and management skills.

A good Operations/Logistics Manager will have the following skills and attributes:

– Someone who can motivate and direct the efforts of a team through strong leadership and managerial skills.
– Ability to understand and implement business improvement processes to increase business effectiveness and efficiencies.
– Resolve conflicts and prioritise tasks between internal and external priorities.
– Strong communication skills with good time management.


We up-skill for free to bridge skills gaps so chat to a WithYouWithMe career consultant if you are unsure about anything listed here. 

  • Preferred – Bachelor/Post Graduate qualifications in logistics and supply chain.
  • Extensive experience in handling Sea and Air Shipment permits and documentation.
  • Extensive experience in warehousing, distribution and transport, generally a minimum of five to ten years.
  • Proficient in SAP is highly required (SAP Certification Intermediate Materials Management Course).
  • Experience in using Microsoft suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
  • Excellent communication skills both verbal and written, including proficiency in telephone communications.
  • Proven ability to control operating costs.
  • Ability to deal with complex information and schedules, and effectively coordinate activities to achieve delivery deadlines.
  • Demonstrated proficiency in accuracy and attention to detail.
  • Demonstrated ability to identify and analyse potential logistics problems, and initiate appropriate solutions.
  • Proven ability to organise self and others to obtain cooperation from people to find appropriate work solutions.