Cyber Security

I’m a lock picker, I understand systems and I like to win. Threats and opponents must always be constant so I can feel energised and driven. I like to look for triggers, vulnerabilities and enemies locked in systems, data and environments. I work well in a team and react fast to danger and threats. I have always had a passion for IT. I can influence and I write well.

I’m strong at Offense, Defence and Conflict. I understand the big picture and I like to fight with logic, reason and deception. I’m a Cyber Security Professional.


Time 2 – 5 weeks online

Date Available now

Cost Free for veterans

Roles are suited for JNCOs, SNCOs and Officers from a combat, intelligence, or IT Corps/ Mustering/ Category that have strong analytical skills and an interest in IT.

Potential Income: $80,000 – $120,000

Job Stability: High

Barriers to Entry: Low

Current Employability:  High

Future Employability: High

Locations: Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne

Titles: Cyber Analyst, Threat Intelligence Analyst, Pentesters

Companies: Financial institutions and banks, Australian Government, Telecommunications, Consultancies

A cyber security professional is responsible for understanding both the technical and business requirements for cyber offence and defence of their enterprises network. They are specialised in managing threats using the SIEM or analysing the network for the next vulnerability.


We up-skill veterans for free to bridge skills gaps – chat to a WithYouWithMe career consultant if you are unsure about anything listed here. 

·       Preferable coding languages – Experience, Interest and/or aptitude to learn with one or more general purpose programming languages including but not limited to: Java, C/C++, C#, Objective C, Python, JavaScript, or Go

·       Exposure or ability to learn to Kali Linux and Splunk

·       Experience or ability to learn Linux systems administration

·       Excellent stakeholder management skills and experience in building strong relationships

·       Strong communication skills – the ability to present your ideas effectively and with influence

·       Experience in desktop research, data gathering, analysis and reporting

·       Drafting client deliverables such as compelling reports, engaging workshops or presentations

·       Advanced Microsoft Excel skills

·       Problem solving acumen

·       Working proficiency and communication skills in verbal and written English

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“WithYouWithMe are on their game in getting the stigma of being defence member broken down in the private sector. I am loving that I am learning new skills to be able to continue to deploy cyber security and the reduce risk of exposure to a prospective company.” Jayson Christian

Veteran, Cyber Security Pathway

“Veterans have spent vast amounts of time undertaking cutting edge training that allows them to quickly and easily perceive a wide variety of threats. As such, I believe that veterans working in the cyber security industry bring a skill set to the table that cannot be found anywhere else.”
Zac Mcleod

Veteran, Cyber Security Pathway

Proudly recruiting veterans through this pathway: