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What are the seven learning styles?

Visual (spatial) icon

Visual (spatial)

Someone who prefers using photographs or pictures. When tasks and information are presented visually, these individuals use their visual memory to learn.
Kinesthetic (physical) icon

Kinaesthetic (physical)

Someone who prefers using their body, hands and sense of touch. For these individuals, learning happens when they physically carry out an activity.
Auditory (musical) icon

Auditory (musical)

Someone who learns using sound and music. These individuals prefer to hear something in order to learn, and commit it to memory by saying it out loud.
Interpersonal (social) icon

Interpersonal (social)

Someone who prefers to learn in groups or with other people, both verbally and non-verbally. These individuals are both good listeners and communicators.
Intrapersonal (solitary) icon

Intrapersonal (solitary)

Someone who prefers to work alone and focusses best without the distraction of others. These individuals learn best when working through concepts independently.
Verbal (linguistic) icon

Verbal (linguistic)

Someone who prefers using words, both in speech and writing. Learning methods for these individuals include mnemonics and repeating back what what they have learnt.
Logical (mathematical) icon

Logical (mathematical)

Someone who prefers using logic, reasoning and systems to learn. These individuals easily recognise patterns and connect concepts, and prefer structure and logic when absorbing information.

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