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Your end-to-end talent management platform

Grow Potential is a data-led employment platform that empowers you to create talent and increase your teams' productivity. Drawing on our proprietary profiling tool, Grow Potential creates an accurate assessment of team productivity and employees’ natural strengths, hidden abilities and potential to be successful in a role.

Grow Potential is perfect for organisations looking to create meaningful career pathways for their employees with a focus on reskilling, career development and retention. It will also help guide your decision-making around workforce planning for change management and business transformation.
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Grow Potential

Our market-leading proprietary profiling tool creates an accurate assessment of your workforce potential and opportunities for optimisation.


  • Identify the true capabilities existing in your workforce and understand team productivity.
  • Increase retention by building engagement through training and internal mobility.
  • Make data-driven workforce decisions through aptitude assessment and matching into your skills framework.
  • Find alternative sources​ of talent – retrain to retain.​
  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your HR division.
  • Support your under-employed​ internal talent groups​.
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Grow potential

Our approach provides unique insights across key test type areas:


The WYWM aptitude test measures cognitive aptitude and assesses problem-solving skills as well as the ability to learn and apply new skills. WYWM uses a proprietary Computerised Adaptive Test (CAT), which was developed in consultation with the University of Sydney. The test is computer-based and adapts to the examinee's cognitive ability as they progress. Every testing experience is unique, and each test is tailored to the individual ensuring a positive experience despite cognitive ability.
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Insights provided:

  • Aptitude for role​
  • Team Matching by aptitude to type technical problem​
  • Future role performance by aptitude​
  • Future roles in workforce plan​
  • Best role fit in agile​​

WYWM​ Big 5​

WYWM uses the Big 5 (Five Factor Model) behavioural testing model to understand a candidate’s culture fit. The Big 5 assessment measures five key traits, each comprising six facets, which allows HR Managers and hiring managers to, at a snapshot, understand a candidate’s behaviours and likelihood of culturally assimilating into a role and a particular team.​

Insights provided:

  • Team productivity and unproductive staff​​
  • Team role alignment​
  • Team Archetype by project stage​


At WYWM, we have concluded that the best model that exists to help identify leadership potential amongst employees is the disc model. The extended DISC profile system is a model that has been developed to measure a person's favoured behavioural style within the workplace and is based on the world-renowned disc model. It is called the extended DISC because it took the original DISC model, which is a self-assessment that measures how an individual prefers to interact with others and extended it to have a tangible practical application to the workforce. ​​

Insights provided:

  • Leader alignment to team​
  • Scrum master match and alignment​​
  • Product owner match and alignment​
  • Future leadership potential​

WYWM Learning​ Styles​

WYWM test all candidates and internal staff for their learning styles to ensure that employees are appropriately engaged during their on boarding and within their new role by training them in the most effective delivery style that corresponds to their learning style. This decreases onboarding time by increasing the speed in which new skills are learned. Corporate knowledge is increased and better retained, again because information has been delivered in a tailored way that ensures information is being received and stored at a higher capacity.​

Insights provided:

  • Team leader and team member communication match​
  • Onboarding frictions  and insights​
  • LND Enhancements​

Insight Brief

Assessment areas

Aptitude testing and skills mapping your employees provides valuable workforce insights and helps inform successful business transformation.

team fit

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Personal benefit:
Insight into your own preferences, traits and approach to work.
Psychometric team fit - personal benefit
Example data:
Demonstrates the mental make-up of the business and how it can affect business performance.
Psychometric team fit - data example graph
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Business insight
These datapoints show a team with high neuroticism and low openness, meaning they are not yet ready for change.
This defines the starting point for any transformation project.

skills mapping

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Personal benefit:
Identifies the future roles for which you can most easily learn the skills.
Aptitude Skill Mapping - personal benefit
Example data:
Identifies which current staff would excel in your high-demand roles.
Aptitude skills mapping - data example
Green arrow
Business insight
Identify people within your organisation who are highly suitable to train for your problematic vacancies.
This shapes a data-driven upskilling program.

team construct

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Personal benefit:
Understand your natural preferred position in a team and what environment you need to thrive.
Archetype Team Construct - Personal benefits
Example data:
Identifies your current mix of Archetypes across the business and by business unit.
Archetype team construct - lloyds data example
Green arrow
Business insight
The mix of Archetypes should match the program stage. For example, a business in a change and design stage needs more creative people.
This shapes the people needed for the project team
SFIA accredited partner logo

WithYouWithMe is a Global Accredited Partner of the SFIA Foundation

The Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA) Foundation produces the industry-recognised global skills and competency framework for the digital world. It defines the skills required by business and technology professionals at every level to design, implement, manage and protect data and technology.

Find out more about the SFIA framework →

Grow Potential

In action

Royal Lancers logo
The Royal Lancers, the British Army’s leading reconnaissance Regiment, is undertaking an innovative technology capability building program through WithYouWithMe that could serve as a blueprint for how the entire British Army addresses its digital skills gap.

The program is designed to help unit level commanders leverage the invisible digital talent within their force, identifying soldiers with natural abilities to excel in key digital roles such as cyber, software engineering and data analytics.

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  • Pablo Quintana
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    Ex-RAN now PEGA legend
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    After leaving the Royal Australian Navy, I found it difficult to adapt to anything new. I went from being a cook in a cafe to a janitor and was even considering working at a fast-food restaurant. None of my skills at the time felt transferable. That changed when I found WithYouWithMe and heard about their partnership with Pega.

    I couldn’t believe I’d get paid to learn and upskill in their low-code platform, and then be offered a job at the end of the training straight away, it almost seemed too good to be true.
  • David Attwood
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    From RAF to Accenture as a PEGA junior developer
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    It is 100% daunting having to prepare your resume post service to give to employers. My resume was completely based on my experiences as a Royal Airforce (RAF) Specialist. My resume did list my skills, but I found employers wanted relevant work experience.

    I lacked the technical expertise I knew I needed to get a job in IT. I was uncertain about finding a job while finding time to and money to pay for training. I was anxious about the future. The WYWM aptitude test showed me my strengths. The test results indicated that a career in low coding would be a great match for my personal skillset. Through the support of WithYouWithMe, I transitioned from my position with the RAF and into a role as a PEGA junior developer for Accenture UK.
  • Samantha Gillison
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    From UK Met Police to Northrop Grumman as a full stack developer
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    I worked as a UK Met Police officer for almost 7 years. At the age of 24, I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. This diagnosis was unexpected and changed my life. Astriid, a disability employment NFP, referred me to WithYouWithMe and assured me that WithYouWithMe would help me find a job that offered a healthy work/life balance.

    I signed up to look for work on WYWM's Potential platform and completed their psychometric and aptitude tests. They accurately predicted both my personality and my preferred learning methods. After completing my digital skills training, Northrop Grumman UK employed me as a Full Stack Developer (JavaScript).

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