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Enabling talent to make career moves across your organisation with ease boosts employee engagement and ensures skills are being deployed where they're needed most.
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We help organisations create impactful talent mobility programs underpinned by data.

What is talent mobility?

Talent mobility is the strategic movement of talent between roles within an organisation to fully leverage individual potential, meet business needs, fill skills gaps and foster professional development - all while retaining critical organisational knowledge. It's about ensuring your business can apply people with the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.

For employees, internal talent mobility programs offer access to a broad range of career paths and the opportunity to build a versatile skill set within one organisation. The ability to adapt to different roles and responsibilities also makes employees more resilient to technological change.
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Why should HR prioritise talent mobility?

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of global organisations face skills gaps and struggle to attract talent.1
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increased likelihood people will remain with a company if they've made an internal move within two years.2
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of workers do not think their current employer offers growth opportunities.3
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people say learning adds purpose to their work.4

How does Potential bolster your internal mobility strategy?

Using our proprietary assessment algorithm, Potential matches existing employees to open roles across an organisation based on data-led insight into their current capabilities and their ability to learn specific, sought-after technical skills.

Potential also identifies personality traits, characteristics and soft skills which inform working style and culture fit, enabling organisations to create a talent mobility strategy that aligns individuals with roles, teams and career development pathways best suited to them.
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SFIA: A best practice skills framework for your talent mobility program

To drive effective talent management and mobility, organisations must first adopt an organisation-wide skills framework to determine baseline skill requirements for roles and identify where existing talent is not being utilised to its full potential.

Potential does this using the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIA), the global, industry-recognised framework for identifying skills in the technology era. Mapping your peoples' skills against SFIA streamlines the mobility process by offering a clear view of the skills a person has and the skills they need to move into a new role.

The benefits of talent mobility:

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Align career paths with business goals
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Develop talent for leadership roles
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Support HR to fill skills gaps with internal talent
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Boost engagement and retention
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Access the right skills at the right time
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Tap into your internal talent pool

Want to drive effective talent mobility across your workforce?

Using our Potential platform, we can help you develop a strategy to mobilise and retain top talent.

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