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Access to robust workforce data and predictive insights enables you to plan effectively and prepare employees for the future by perpetually evolving the skills they have into the skills you need.
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We help organisations build workforces that are always prepared, fit for purpose and inclusive.

What is strategic workforce planning?

Strategic workforce planning refers to the preparation an organisation undertakes to align its workforce skills with long-term business goals. It involves analysing current workforce capabilities, forecasting future requirements, understanding the impacts of technology and developing ongoing strategies to bridge skills gaps.

Effective workforce planning ensures you can deploy the right skills, in the right place, at the right time.

Preparing workforces for the future has long been the domain of executive teams, but the Human Resources function is playing an increasingly critical role in ensuring organisations have access to the skills they need, especially as they look to double down on moving existing talent into the right roles, rather than hiring new talent in. That's where we can help.
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How does Potential support a skills-based workforce planning process?

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With technology profoundly changing the world of work, leading organisations are shifting to a skills-based approach to identify, understand and grow the capabilities of their workforce, while ensuring they're consistently able to take advantage of the latest tech. Potential underpins these efforts by helping organisations to truly understand the skills they have and the skills they need - and bridging workforce gaps through personalised professional development pathways.

Potential analyses employees' current skills and their growth potential, creating curated pathways that align their innate abilities with areas of high or growing demand within an organisation. The platform also delivers personalised psychometric and aptitude insights that motivate people to continuously grow in the direction a company needs, placing employees and employers on a mutual path to success.

Our approach to cultivating perpetually skilled workforces follows the 3 C’s:

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Rapidly understand the skills your organisation needs to thrive.
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Identify, assess and validate your employees' current capabilities.
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Motivate employees to bridge the gaps with targeted training, delivered at scale.
Let's break that down...
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What skills do I need?
We begin by ingesting your organisation’s current skills framework and simplifying role architectures down to the skills required to perform each role. These requirements are mapped against global industry standards and current and future workforce needs.
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What skills do I have?
We assess your workforce to identify and validate employees’ current skills and their growth potential, creating a clear overview of organisation-wide capability.
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What skills can I build – and how?
We motivate employees to bridge the gap between their current skills and those your workforce needs by curating learning pathways that align with both their natural strengths and organisational goals.

Understanding your future workforce needs

A critical component of future workforce planning is the ability to predict workforce supply and demand in the face of ever-changing digital environments. We partner with Faethm AI to combine their strategic workforce planning predictions with insights from Potential, offering a holistic, end-to-end approach to prepare organisations for the future of work.
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Faethm transforms static workforce data into dynamic scenario planning, providing robust insight into the impacts of new and emerging technologies like automation and generative AI.

The benefits of workforce planning underpinned by skills

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Access the right people, with the right skills, at the right time
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Meet long term strategic objectives
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Cultivate a diverse workforce with equal access to opportunity
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Create a more adaptable and agile workforce
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Effectively prepare for the future of work
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Support your workforce to meet changing market requirements

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