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Prioritising talent retention enables you to reduce employee turnover, retain high performers and keep your workforce highly engaged.
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Potential ensures organisations retain top employees by motivating them to continuously grow in the direction a company needs.

What is employee retention?

Employee retention refers to an organisation's ability to maintain an engaged, stable and productive workforce over time. Retaining employees has a raft of benefits - consistency in company culture, stronger team dynamics, savings on hiring costs and a favourable impact on reputation - all of which are highly valuable in a competitive talent market.

Organisations use a range of different strategies to improve retention including creating professional development opportunities, offering work-life balance, enhancing work environments, reducing employee burnout and increasing people's sense of belonging so they grow and develop within one organisation throughout their career.
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Why do you need an effective employee retention strategy?

Cost of employee icon
of their annual salary is the average employee exit cost.1
90% icon
of managers have faced challenges finding skilled talent in the past year.2
Profitability icon
greater profitability is achieved through high employee engagement.3
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is the average time it takes to fill a vacant role.4
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How does Potential help reduce employee turnover?

Personalised professional development pathways

The actionable, personalised insights captured through Potential keep employees engaged by motivating them to continuously take advantage of growth opportunities and pursue upskilling pathways that align with their individual strengths and business needs.

Guiding people to embark on training and development programs where they're likely to excel helps employees feel more satisfied and reduces the risk of losing top talent, all while ensuring employers are building the skills they need.
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Internal talent mobility

Using Potential organisations can cultivate a work culture of continuous learning that encourages employees to explore their ability to learn new skills in other areas of the business. By communicating clear pathways to make horizontal or vertical moves across teams or business functions, Potential helps employees see long-term career possibilities and fresh challenges that keep their work interesting.

What are the benefits of employee retention?

Reduced turnover icon
Reduced turnover rate
Improved productivity icon
Improved productivity and profitability
Skills-based hiring process icon
Enhanced employee experience
Positive workplace icon
Positive, stable workplace culture
Building high-performing teams icon
Increased employee engagement
Retention icon
Retention of institutional knowledge

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