A talent sourcing software with a BIG difference. Whether you’re redeploying parts of your workforce or looking to grow your business in new areas, our talent software solution can help.

Test. Match. Train. Retain.

Our platform delivers a talent testing, matching, training and redeployment solution that helps companies pivot by using their existing talent to prepare for the future of work.

Workforce Testing

Understand an employee’s suitability for a career pathway and build data that overviews team culture and profile

Job Matching

Candidates are shortlisted for open roles based on cultural fit, potential and ability rather past experience

Team Analysis

Workforce testing data allows teams to be analysed for non-biased decision-making on growth and team composition


Candidates graduate with job-ready skills making them turn-key solutions in their new team, hence maximising productivity

Workforce Design

Make strategic, data-driven decisions on personnel and workforce design based on relatable comparisons

Outplacement calculator

Demonstrates the financial viability of training and redeployment as opposed to termination through redundancy

“We want to help you use data to hire differently and pivot your staff to future challenges”.

Tom Moore, Global CEO & Co-Founder @ WithYouWithMe

1. Testing of Candidates and Employees

WYWM conducts four types of testing to ensure the right candidate or employee is matched to the right pathway and the right role within the future of work paradigm. The testing takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete:

  1. Cognitive Aptitude Testing
  2. Psychometric Assessment
  3. Cultural Fit
  4. Learning Style Discovery

2. List Jobs with only 5 Quick Categories to Enable a Match to Culture

It’s quick and easy to add job categories on the Pivot platform to begin the Match sequence for identifying internal and external talent against your open roles.


3. Match Internal Talent or WYWM Talent to Your Open Roles

Provides a short list of suitable candidates for your open roles based on quantifiable data, team profiles, and the maturity stage of your company.

4. Train via the WithYouWithMe Academy

Retrain, Redeploy and Retain your existing talent.

By testing your workforce you can understand which employees are in a perfect role and those that could be in a more suitable role.

5. Retain and Placement in a Role as a Turn-Key Solution

At the end of this process, not only are reducing costs associated with termination but you are keeping staff with valuable tacit knowledge. You will be retaining your existing workforce through redeployment in growth areas of your business.

Cost Saving of Retaining vs Termination

On average, our clients have found it to be 163% cheaper to retrain and redeploy as opposed to termination and new talent acquisition.

Our Termination vs Redundancy Calculator demonstrates the financial viability of retraining and redeploying an employee as opposed to terminating through redundancy. This calculator acts as a business case from an HR perspective and provides a tangible indication of financial savings.


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