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Who Do We Help?

Our entire program (including access to the WYWM Academy) is free for currently serving and ex-defence members. We have also just launched pilot programs for military spouses, elite athletes and return-to-work parents – free initial career matching and coaching for a limited time!

Military Members
Veterans and currently serving members [AUS, NZ, USA].
Elite Athletes
Pilot program in progress, signup for more information.
Return-To-Work Parents
Pilot program in progress, signup for more information.
Military Spouses
Pilot program in progress, signup for more information.

Delivering New Purpose

With 400+ military veterans now placed into meaningful new careers since we launched the program in Dec 2016 – it’s the stories of individuals finding new purpose that drive us every day. When someone finds a role that really compliments their skills and personality, with a partner company we know they can succeed in – that’s a win for us.

Current Veteran Jobs

The bulk of our current jobs are for Australian Military Veterans. If you are taking part in our veteran pilot programs in NZ or the USA, or our athlete, spouse and return-to-work pilots – speak to your candidate manager.

In-Demand Veteran Career Pathways

Our career matching software aligns military veterans with 15+ pathways that suit your aptitude, skills and personality.

We only offer training that results in real career opportunities. By monitoring labour market trends and developing training packages that are validated by industry, we can provide the neccessary hard skills to secure work with growth opportunities.

With hundreds of current open roles across Australia and abroad, we offer fast pathways to success – plus future security.




We help athletes find new careers #aftersport

Are you a professional athlete searching for an exciting new career challenge? Join our pilot program. 


We are currently looking for parents ready to re-enter the workforce to join our pilot program. We will test you to find your tech-career match and then align you with training courses and employment options.

Military Partners

In an effort to further support defence families in Australia, we are running a pilot program for military partners. Signup now to register your interest and learn more about training and roles we have available.

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