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Skills mapping your workforce

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Online executive briefing: Australia

July 10th, 2024  |  12.30pm - 1.00pm AEST

With technology profoundly changing the world of work, the gap between the skills organisations have and those they urgently need continues to widen. Simultaneously, many lack a clear understanding of their true skills deficit against current and future requirements.

This lack of insight into the true skills profile of an organisation means workforces are being deeply underutilised, despite being an organisation’s single greatest expense and most valuable asset.

It’s time for organisations to turn inward – to realise the growth potential of their existing workforces and put the right people on the pathways they need to deliver business success. But doing so requires comprehensive oversight of workforce skills.

Enter skills mapping...

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We invite you to join us and other Australian HR leaders for an executive briefing on the transformative impact a robust view of workforce skills can offer.

We’ll unpack best-practice case studies from Australia and around the world, and explore the raft of benefits of organisation-wide skills mapping, including:

  • Consistent benchmarking for skill and role identification, aligned with global industry standards
  • Rapid consolidation of existing frameworks into a skills-based approach, leveraging a streamlined, AI-powered skills mapping process
  • Improved talent development, engagement and retention through targeted professional development and career progression
  • Clear identification of skills gaps and data-led mobilisation of talent to address them
  • Equal access to opportunity for all employees, supporting greater diversity, equity and inclusion
Ian Handley - Speaker profile

Presented by Ian Handley

Regional Vice President, Oceania, WithYouWithMe
Ian Handley is a neurodiversity advocate and change management leader with a technical background in training management, design and delivery, across 15 years in the Defence, government and technology sectors. Currently, Ian is Vice President of Oceania at WithYouWithMe, a global HR tech company reshaping the skills-based employment landscape using technology. In this role, he works alongside leading Australian organisations in Defence, government and industry to implement skills-based hiring, enable internal talent mobility and diversify workforces.