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Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been passionate about technology and helping people. By choosing this pathway, I figured I could do both.

- Musub Omair

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Meet Musub

At home in Pakistan, Musub completed a bachelor's degree in computer science in 2021. He spent a year working as a Software Engineer but found he wasn’t content with the work he was doing. 

Despite studying computer science, his true passion lay in IT, but the scope of roles available in Pakistan’s technology sector was limited.
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Musub's journey

Musub moved to the United States in late 2022, seeking an entry-level role in IT. Post COVID-19, the job market was incredibly challenging, and he was unable to find the right role without a US-based qualification.

“I ended up getting a job in retail to pay my bills and save up. During this time, I understood the importance of having a local qualification, which led me to getting my GED®."

After completing his GED, Musub received an email about the GED Tech Apprenticeship™ program. The initiative piqued his interest, so he signed up for Potential, completed his assessments and enrolled in the Service Delivery training pathway.

Musub already had experience with troubleshooting software, hardware and networking issues as well as building, repairing and upgrading computers, so the decision to pursue Service Delivery was a no-brainer.
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“I chose the Service Delivery pathway because ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been passionate about technology and helping people. By choosing this pathway, I figured I could do both.”
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GED Tech Apprenticeship™ Job Expo
The GED Tech Apprenticeship program provides every learner who goes through the GED Testing Service – around 700,000 each year – with free access to WithYouWithMe’s accredited training to upskill in high demand areas and have their skills matched to roles at leading companies in the United States.

Building sought after digital skills

Despite already having a background and education in computer science, Musub found himself learning valuable new skills in each course he completed.

During his training, Musub learned of an Apprentice Service Delivery opportunity available with a global leader in digital transformation. After completing a series of interviews and delivering an exemplary Capstone project showcasing his skills, Musub was selected for the role.
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“I felt that the training was very well-structured and detailed. Despite having a technical background, I found myself learning new things in every course I came across. It was a great learning experience, and I couldn’t recommend it enough to other jobseekers.”
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Kickstarting a career in IT

Now, with his foot in the door in the US IT sector, Musub is excited to see where his career will go and has ambitions to become a mentor for others looking to enter the industry.
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It’s amazing how tech only continues to grow and expand with time. When you’re working in tech, you need to be able to adapt to all the changes and that’s something that really excites me. It’s a never-ending journey of knowledge.
Musub's long-term career goal is to excel in his field, play an integral role in his company’s success and help other people advance in their careers by becoming a mentor and sharing his expertise.

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