WYWM Impact

Free Tech Consulting and Support

Launches in April 2019.

Our Transitioning Military Tech Graduates are brilliant talent and they are looking for on the ground consulting experience.  Do you have a tech problem you are working on and need added support? Our Graduates can build robots, data models or  conduct pen-testing. We offer 1 week to 1 Month Pro Bono Consulting Services to all small businesses and non-profits so our veterans can continue to have an Impact.

Make an Impact

 Problem solving and contributing to a higher mission is in our veteran’s DNA. WYWM Impact allows our veterans to get their hands on the tools whilst help those who need it most. Our program launches in April with limited spots for organisations and veterans. Register your interest now!

As a Business

Do you need support in cyber, automation, cloud or data analytics but don’t know where to start? Has one of your tech projects failed and needs to be turned around or are you do you need some extra staff? WYWM Impact can provide you highly trained veteran consultants for free. Just register below and one of our team will reach out for a conversation.

As a Veteran

Would you like to gain hands on experienced and support a small business or non-for-profit? The WYWM Impact program is available to all of transitioning veteran tech graduates and can provide invaluable employment experience and validate your technical acumen in a live environment. Register your Interest on the WYWM Job Board.

“Veterans are brilliant problem solvers and love to contribute…WYWM Impact allows our veteran tech graduates to hone skills on real problems faced by our small businesses and NFPs.”

Tom Moore, Global CEO & Co-Founder @ WithYouWithMe


1. Positions are limited. The program is in initial development and only has 20 Spots Available to Veterans and 20 Organisations. The veterans have to be within one month of transition.

2. You can select your consulting team. Our Pivot Software allows you to pick the most suitable consultant team.

3. In both Australia and USA. We offer the program to both US and Australian transitioning veterans. 

4. I’m not a small business or NFP. WYWM offers a number of low cost consulting solutions to all types of companies considering cyber, data, cloud, automation and human capital transformation programs. Register below to find our more.

5. Experienced Counts. Our graduate teams report to experience technology professional to ensure their work is top notch.

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