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Ongoing talent management and recruitment through Pivot software

WYWM Potential

A talent sourcing software with a BIG difference. Whether you’re redeploying parts of your workforce or looking to grow your business in new areas, our talent software solution can help. Our platform delivers talent testing, matching, traininand redeployment solution that helps companies pivot by using their existing talent to prepare for the future of work.

View job-seeker profiles and compare against your team

Our custom-built software gives you a platform to view WYWM Academy graduates and select individuals to meet and take through your internal recruitment process.

Training & Upskilling

In-demand skills taught through the WYWM Academy

Finding skilled talent for high-tech careers can be tough. WYWM Academy offers to upskill training in in-demand skills like cyber and robotics, meaning you can train your workforce for the skills they need today and into the future. Through out Pivot platform we match your talent internally who are suitable for these high-tech careers. No internal talent matches? No stress, we have thousands of external candidates who we can culture match to your team.

We work with 100+ leading employers across Australia, NZ and the USA.

From small companies to large corporates, we can seamlessly integrate with your HR team and offer hiring managers access to a diverse new talent pipeline.


A Word From

“Our experience at Randstad hiring veterans through WithYouWithMe has been positive. For the teams they work in, our clients and the business. For many, it has blown away those common and inaccurate perceptions about ex-servicemen and ex-servicewomen. I would encourage you to do the same.” Kerry McQuillan

GM Diversity and Inclusion, Randstad

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