“It takes courage to learn a new skill…”

Born out of a mission to solve BIG problems, the WithYouWithMe team is dedicated to helping under-utilised groups to become competitive talent in the job market. With innovative tech solutions and industry leading training, we are solving underemployment across the globe by focusing on the ‘Future of the Worker’, not just the ‘Future of Work’.


WithYouWithMe’s innovative testing platform helps you figure out what you’re good at. Bespoke training through the WYWM Academy then helps prepare you for a new career. We can also help you find a great job.


We deliver diverse and talented individuals into your workforce, as well as upskilling your current underutilised staff for new careers. Through our innovative testing, we identify individuals that will suit your organisation.

Labour Market

By utilising labour market predictive analysis tools, we are forecasting skills shortages, developing first class training, deploying talented contractors and supporting industry to prepare for the future of work.

Who Do We Help?

Military Veterans
Veterans experience a far higher rate of unemployment and underemployment, particularly in the months following their transition. Our program is completely free for individuals that have served in the ADF and allied forces. We offer an end-to-end training and employment service, which is tech driven and helps veterans find a new career.
Athletes - In Pilot
Almost half of professional Australian Athletes suffer from some form of mental illness following retirement, with a lack of understanding of the job market a big contributor. We are currently running a pilot program to help professional athletes to help them find a new career after sport.
Military Members
FREE for currently serving defence members and veterans (ADF and allied forces).
Elite Athletes
Pilot program in progress, signup for more information.

Delivering New Purpose

With 400+ military veterans now placed into meaningful new careers since we launched the program in Dec 2016 – it’s the stories of individuals finding new purpose that drive us every day. When someone finds a role that really compliments their skills and personality, with a partner company we know they can succeed in – that’s a win for us.

A Human Approach

We might have a lot of fancy tech going on, and a chatbot named Duty – but it doesn’t take long before you are chatting to a real human. In fact, after our quick registration process our customer service team [who are all veterans themselves] are straight on the phone.

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