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Experience a new and improved career portal. Veterans, Athletes, Students, and Career-Shifters can make data-driven career decisions by undergoing our industry aptitude testing. Match to career pathways that are experiencing high demand and get ahead of the curve by studying our industry accepted courses.
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Delivering new purpose

We help Veterans, Athletes, Students – Career Shifters & Underemployed

With 700+ military veterans now placed into meaningful new careers since we launched the program in Dec 2016 – it’s the stories of individuals finding new purpose that drive us every day. When someone finds a role that really compliments their skills and personality, with a partner company we know they can succeed in – that’s a win for us.

WYWM really helped me find what career suited my strengths and personality. Taught me how to look for a position, how to network and how to update my LinkedIn. Ran me through resume development, how to write a cover letter, interview process. WYWM really bridged the gap.George Crooks

“What a fantastic experience! Creating my WYWM profile and following the steps was such a simple and straightforward process. The RPA Consultant Course is structured in such a well-considered way that it allowed me (as a busy mum) to complete the training at my own pace, whilst still keeping me engaged in the content. The career mentoring and interview preparation were key components in helping me secure my new job. I am generally very well prepared, but the interview preparation made sure that I had answers for questions I had never considered, but definitely needed.” Rhian Keillor

I wouldn’t have discovered the incredible company I work for today if it wasn’t for the team at WYWM. Everything from the upskilling program, the mentorship, and how approachable everyone was, has been instrumental in finding and transitioning into my new career. I’m now heading to San Francisco for my role at SAP, and I’ve never been more excited to see what the future holds! If you’re interested in a new career , or simply just want to see what’s out there, check these guys out!Gabe Marzano

Transition tech

ADF Dis-Bot

Transitioning out of the Defence Force can be a stressful time, especially because the Australian Defence Force (ADF) transition paperwork is confusing and complicated. We have created Dis-Bot, the WithYouWithMe Discharge Bot, to simplify the admin and paperwork required from 10 hours down to about 15 minutes to operate and is 100% free!

human capital consulting

Companies Who Do Talent Well, Do Diversity Well

Our team can help you overcome HR challenges and find your company’s secret sauce.  We can assess to identify your HR challenges, build and align to key human capital capabilities, and test your workforce.

Our experience at Randstad hiring veterans through WithYouWithMe has been positive. For the teams they work in, our clients and the business. For many, it has blown away those common and inaccurate perceptions about ex-servicemen and ex-servicewomen. I would encourage you to do the same.Kerry McQuillan

GM Diversity and Inclusion, Randstad

“My experience with WithYouWithMe is as a partner and mentor. They provide structure, discipline, and advice, taking out some of the fear out of the (career transition) process but also let people know that the skills that they’ve got are valuable. It’s not really an opportunity of ground-zero, start again, it’s transitioning the best of what they’ve acquired but also opening to them opportunities where they’re going to grow professionally and personally.”

Neil Gow

ANZ Sales Engineering Manager, Splunk

Tom Moore, Global CEO & Co-founder

G’Day! I’m Tom. I’ve Been Fixing Underemployment for 4 Years

“Fix a problem, don’t walk past it.”

We’re playing a supply and demand game. It’s a simple methodology: what does the market need, what does the individual need and what can they do, then giving them the skills so they can be hired and pairing them with companies that need them.

The skills-gap analysis, which is continually building using AI, pairs with a second piece of technology that matches people with jobs through online testing of “aptitude, intellect, psychometrics and culture fit”. We use the same analysis and technology internally. Below are some of my results.

  • Industriousness
  • Extraversion
  • Conscientiousness


I Know the Strengths & Opportunities in my Team. Do You? Try Pivot.

The same analysis and technology that we use internally is now available to organisations that want to gain deeper insights on team design.