How and Why You Should Hire Veterans for Your Organisation

We have worked with hundreds of veterans to help them identify their purpose and establish clear pathways to new careers. Through free education, skills-gap training and labour force predictive analysis, we’re building a highly-skilled and competitive pipeline of ex-military talent.

With an average of $2.5m of training by the time they have served for 7 years, it simply doesn’t make sense that the private sector is not eagerly accepting this talent pool.

Veterans are an (Untapped) Talent Pool

Veterans have an array of great qualities that are translatable to every industry and career path. Problem-solving, critical thinking, strength under pressure, teamwork, collaboration, and communication are all big strengths drawn from Veterans.

Tabitha Bauer, Executive Manager of Digital Assurance at Commonwealth Bank speaks on why Veterans are an excellent talent pool to hire from. Watch the video below. 

Meet Veterans at our Events or Yours

From National Career Expo’s to small personalised Assessment Centres, we offer a variety of options that will get you face-to-face with the incredible talent on our program. The Assessment Centre events are sessions where Veterans will come to your organisation to network and hear about job opportunities. Contact us to find out more!

We work with 100+ leading employers that support Veterans in the workplace.

From small companies to large corporates across Australia, NZ and the USA, we can seamlessly integrate with your HR team and offer hiring managers access to a diverse new talent pipeline.


A Word From

“Our experience at Randstad hiring veterans through WithYouWithMe has been positive. For the teams they work in, our clients and the business. For many, it has blown away those common and inaccurate perceptions about ex-servicemen and ex-servicewomen. I would encourage you to do the same.” Kerry McQuillan

GM Diversity and Inclusion, Randstad

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