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We have worked with hundreds of veterans to help them identify their purpose and establish clear pathways to new careers. Through free education, skills-gap training and labour force predictive analysis, we’re building a highly-skilled and competitive pipeline of ex-military talent. Along the way we started finding out tons of data.

But we weren’t sharing the data effectively. Good Morning Radar was created by Philip Deleon to help you uncover hidden data when making your next career choice. To build excitement not anxiety.

Using Data to master your career choice.

Choosing a career can be extremely hard. You need to weigh up alot of variables including what experience you would like to have, what are you good at, where are the jobs and how much I do need for my family  or my existence. There is also the  lifelong question of what you would like to be when you grow up. We would like to help you answer those questions and many more through Good Morning Radar.

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Who is Radar?

“As soon as I left school I became an intelligence analyst in the US Navy before moving across to Intelligence Community. After 14 years of service, I realised I love data, logic and getting to the bottom of things. Unfortunately, I didn’t use my skills for my transition and blew it.. and ended up a bartender. I want to help you use data prior to leaving the military so you can make a better decision and win your next step.” Phil Deleon

Veteran Intelligence Analyst, WithYouWithMe

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