Stop competing for over-priced tech talent.
WithYouWithMe's Talent Creation Program (TCP) is a SaaS that saves organisations time, money and resources. We do this by finding diverse talent, training them in the skills they need, upskilling them as they work, and building internal talent pipelines to solve digital skill gaps.

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We build job-ready candidates in 140-180 hours. Save your recruiters hours setting up job posts, outreaching to existing networks and fighting for the same talent with your competitors. Discover how to build new talent from underrepresented communities and reach new talent before anyone else.

Spend less on tech talent.

The cost to hire tech talent is only getting more expensive. With a limited existing talent pool, you're competing against more organisations than ever before. Build the people you need, with the skills you want, for less.

Change the way you hire.

We will work with you to discover what your hiring needs are and then use our talent platform to find the diverse candidates you need. We’ll train them and at course completion, they’ll be job-ready.

Train only the skills you need.

From Cyber Security to Data Analysts, choose from the courses we already offer or work with us to create a bespoke solution to fill your current and future workforce skill gaps.

Stop competing for over-priced tech talent.

Discover the simplicty and speed of building your own tech talent with us.