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Aman Lara created an app to assist Ukrainian refugees to immigrate to Canada.

WithYouWithMe volunteers collaborated with Aman Lara, the Canadian Not-For-Profit charitable organisation, to develop an app that streamline’s the immigration process for Ukrainian Refugee’s displaced by the war. Richard Henderson, details how the WithYouWithMe team collaborated with Aman Lara to create an Azure based app that is scalable and will provide a positive experience for all future refugees.

Capita joins with WithYouWithMe to change 15,000 Futures

WithYouWithMe has partnered with UK-based IT consulting firm, Capita, to launch the 15,000 Futures campaign. The initiative aims to assist all UK Armed Forces leavers and their partners find rewarding civilian jobs in the IT Industry. Learn how WithYouWithMe is partnering with Capita and Accenture UK and Ireland to create a more equitable future for UK Army Veterans.

Australian First Nation's Drone Network Launch

The National Resilience Project is developing a social return on investment case to secure funding for the Australian First Nation's Drone Network. This project will utilise drone technology to distribute resources while improving remote indigenous community access to essentials. Alison Howe, chief operating officer of the National Institute for Strategic Resilience, outlines the pivotal role collaboration between the Australian First Nations Drone Network and the Canadian First Nations Drone project team, Department 13, will play in ensuring project's success in the future.

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