WYWM Potential

A talent management platform with a difference. Helping companies recruit, reskill, manage and outplace talent, allowing everyone to reach their full potential.

Recruit. Reskill. Retain. Outplace.

Potential is a talent management platform which allows you to find the right talent for the right job and helps prepare your workforce for the changing job market.

Workforce Testing

Understand an employee’s suitability for a career pathway and build data that overviews team culture and profile

Job Matching

Candidates are shortlisted for open roles based on cultural fit, potential and ability rather past experience

Team Analysis

Workforce testing data allows teams to be analysed for non-biased decision-making on growth and team composition

Reskill Training

Candidates graduate with job-ready skills making them turn-key solutions in their new team, hence maximising productivity

Workforce Planning

Make strategic, data-driven decisions on personnel and workforce design based on relatable comparisons


Run an effective outplacement program, including a detailed calculations on the program’s impact on the bottom line

“We want to help you do talent management differently. Use data and technology to make informed decisions and unlock untapped potential.”

Tom Moore, Global CEO & Co-Founder @ WithYouWithMe

Potential Recruitment

Recruitment, but not as you know it.

Supercharge your recruitment through Potential!

Reduce traditional recruitment costs by up to 90 per cent and improve diversity by tapping into new, trained talent pools for hard to fill roles.

Potential Training

Reskill your workforce for the jobs of tomorrow, today.

Access world leading training courses in areas of emerging tech via WYWM Academy and create new career pathways for your people.

Potential Workforce planning

Plan right and retain your talent.

Take the guess work out of talent management through a data-driven workforce planning tool.

Manage and engage your employees to keep them around for the long-term.

Potential Outplacement

Outplacement done right.

The workforce is changing and traditional outplacement is simply not enough.

Give your people the right skills and a new career through a robust outplacement program powered by Potential.

Cost Saving of Retraining vs Termination

On average, it costs companies 130 per cent more to find new talent for hard to fill roles, rather than retraining and redeploying current talent.

Our Retraining vs Termination Calculator demonstrates the financial viability of retraining and redeploying an employee as opposed to terminating through redundancy. This calculator acts as a business case for HR leaders to make more informed decisions, rather than relying on gut feel.

Pick the plan which suits you best

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Potential Starter

Ideal for:


SMEs with no designated recruitment teams

Consultanting firms looking for temporary talent

Companies struggling with tech shortages

Companies looking for diversity hires

Potential Recruiter

Ideal for:

Recruitment teams of 1-10

Scale up companies with multiple hires (10+ hires per year)

Companies looking to save on recruitment fees

Accessing new trained talent pools

Companies looking for supercharge diversity programs

Potential Accelerate

Ideal for:

Medium to large size organisations (500+ employees)

Companies struggling with tech shortages on a large scale

Companies who want to test and better understand their talent

Helping reskill and redeploy talent

Unlimited hiring with no additional cost