Can I register if I’m still serving? 

Yes, we work with those currently serving (up to 12 months before transition in some cases) or those who have been discharged for years. It is great to plan your discharge early so you have time to get ready and you can even take part in our program and then make the decision to stay – this is all about providing you options.


I’m a job seeker – do I qualify for assistance?

At the moment our program is only completely free for currently serving and ex-defence members from the ADF and allied forces. Our jobs are primarily Australian-based but we are expanding across NZ, the USA and the UK later in the year.

We are also running pilot programs for elite athletes, defence partners and return-to-work parents (Australia-only). Keep checking back here, or follow our social media accounts for the most up-to-date new program announcements.

I’m a US veteran living in Australia, do I qualify?

Yes, absolutely.

I’m a UK veteran living in the UK, do I qualify?

You can sign up to our free online training, but at this stage we don’t have clients in the UK so you will have to search for a job outside of our program.

Do you do CV coaching?

Yes part of the free transition process is to support your CV development for each job you apply for. We provide free coaching guides, templates and one on one support. Plus we also run interview coaching and help with LinkedIn profiles!


What do I have to pay to take part?  

For military members and veterans from the ADF and allied forces – nothing, at all. This includes full access to the WYWM Academy. For military partners, elite athletes and return-to-work parents – we are currently undertaking pilot programs and this will be assessed in due course. 

I’ve had civilian experience, do you factor that in?

We offer everything from entry-level roles to C-Suite roles through our executive program. We work with 100+ leading companies and often have roles that aren’t advertised so signup and talk to our team about your personal circumstance.

Why do you only operate on the East Coast of Australia?

It may seem like that sometimes, but it’s only that the majority of the candidates are there and our original office is in Sydney. We now have offices in Brisbane, Canberra and the USA – our team are also always on the move and running events for clients in other areas. The entire program can also be accessed online and over the phone so no matter where you are, we can help.

How do you find me a good job?

 We link your in-service experience, skills and qualifications with your behavioural style. We align this with one of our civilian career pathways to start you off in your new direction. Your WYWM Consultant will then provide a career transition session with you to identify your interests, goals and personal plan. We then match all this to open jobs in the right industry.


I have registered but can’t login?

Please email and the team will check your registration status.


Can I register if I’m still serving? 

es, we work with all veterans currently serving or those who have been discharged for years. It is great to plan your discharge early so you have time to get ready. .


I’m an employer, how can you support me?

We have 3,000+ military veterans signed up to our program Australia-wide, plus fast growing segments across other countries and diversity groups. We offer permanent and labour hire options across a full range of blue collar and white collar roles, plus access to our training courses for your existing workforce.

All our fees are highy competitive and we offer replacement guarantees and another incredible point of difference – we will train our candidate before they get to you.

Who qualifies as a mentor?

Our mentor program is set up to take any industry professional with 5+ years experience in their chosen field. While a military background is preferred, a passion to help counts too and not all of our current mentors are veterans. If you are unsure, signup and chat to our team before you reach out to candidates.

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