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Discharge Automation Software

Transitioning out of the Defence Force can be a stressful time, especially because the Australian Defence Force (ADF) transition paperwork is confusing and complicated. We have created Dis-Bot, the WithYouWithMe Discharge Bot, to simplify the admin and paperwork required from 10 hours down to about 15 minutes to operate and is 100% free!

Start Your New Life Sooner

The ADF has at least 26 different forms as part of the discharge process, and the average veteran needs to complete 17 of them to affect their transition. The WithYouWithMe Discharge Bot automates this process to ease the stress and confusion of transition. The Discharge Bot identifies the forms required, pre-fills them and sends them to the veteran with a personalised Discharge Checklist. Our robot lives in the WithYouWithMe Veteran Portal, takes 15 minutes to operate and is 100% free.

What you have to do?

Just answer a series of questions. It’s that simple! It should only take a few minutes to complete, but even if you don’t have all your information ready at hand, you can always save your progress and come back.

What do you get?

A downloadable packet containing up to 26 forms, pre-filled with the details you have provided. You also get a Checklist that shows you which forms you have, what sections remain incomplete and what to do with the completed forms.

“We want to help you by making painful processes painless…There are so many things that get in the way of your next step and an overly complicated series of Discharge paperwork doesn’t need to be one of them.”

Tom Moore, Global CEO & Co-Founder @ WithYouWithMe


1. Dis-Bot is NOT a replacement for the normal transition process and Dis-Bot will NOT submit anything on your behalf! You still need to do your research, review and complete the downloaded forms, and submit through your Chain of Command as per the normal process.

2. Dis-Bot will not collect any medical or financial information. The Dis-Bot will leave any sensitive information fields blank for you to complete yourself after you have downloaded the forms.

3. Veterans with medical or psychological complications are required to complete up to 35 forms. It takes fewer forms to buy a house (10-15 forms) than discharge from the ADF!

4. The 26 forms are collated for you from 6 independent organisations: ADF, DVA, Australian Government Security and Vetting Agency (AGSVA), Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation (CSC), Defence Housing Australia (DHA), and Toll Transitions.

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