Days after his official retirement from the Marine Corps, Lieutenant General (Ret) Vincent Stewart (Vince) turns his attention to solving the problem of cybersecurity and Veteran Unemployment.

Lieutenant General (Ret) Vincent Stewart has officially joined WithYouWithMe as a Principal for Cyber Security. After 38 years of honorable service to his nation and the United States Marine Corps, Vince established his own company, Stewart Global Solutions LLC in order to continue his final mission with the DoD and the cybersecurity challenges that face the United States.

Prior to his final duty station as Deputy Commander United States Cyber Command, Vince served his nation as the 20th Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). These distinguished positions were awarded to Vince following his exemplary years of service rising from the rank of 2nd Lieutenant to the highest levels of the US Military and Intelligence Community.

Vince’s respect amongst his peers was evident at his official retirement ceremony at the historic Marine Barracks at 8th and I in Washington DC on Friday, April 5th, with the attendance of many high-ranking officials from across the intelligence and security community, both current and former, from all around the world.

Although no longer in uniform, Vince remains committed to the national security of his nation as he pursues mission success in the cybersecurity field. Joining forces with WithYouWithMe, a cybersecurity labor development company, Vince is working to help fill the massive cyber labor shortages across the United States Government and commercial sector. Cybersecurity as a profession has matured in the last five years and it’s greatest challenge is building the workforce to protect commercial and government networks.

Working with WithYouWithMe, Vince believes the answer lies with the veteran community. Having led America’s premier cyber organization, Vince believes strongly that veterans are not only perfectly conditioned to be exceptional cyber professionals, and are already trained in most of the skills needed to be successful in the cyber field. WithYouWithMe has a unique capability through a cyber aptitude assessment and training tool to provide a scalable, technical skill training bridge program to get veterans job ready.

WithYouWithMe is exceptionally proud to now count Vince as one of the team. His formidable experience, insights and skills will prove a critical contribution to our mission to solve veteran underemployment.

The start of this powerful partnership will be showcased this coming Friday the 12th, at WithYouWithMe’s inaugural Veteran Career Expo in Washington DC. Vince will be speaking alongside industry leaders in cybersecurity on the value veterans bring to the cyber field and how we can train them at scale to fill the national commercial and government cyber skills shortages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I complete the free training and apply for jobs before I discharge from active service?
We recommend that you start preparing for your transition between 3-6 months before you actually discharge, but you can enter our program at any time – even just to explore your options. Your WYWM consultant can talk to you about specific jobs and timelines.
Do you provide support to officers and soldiers across all of the services?
We support any currently serving or ex-military personnel – no matter how long you have served, what rank you are or whether you are from an Army, Navy or Air Force background. We even assist international candidates and family members of defence personnel in some circumstances so talk to our team if you fall into either of those categories.
I'm a member/ex-member of a coalition force, do I qualify?
Absolutely, register as a veteran and start the free training. One of our team will call you and chat through any specific queries and concerns that you have.
Do you do CV coaching?
Yes part of our free transition program is to support your CV development. We provide free coaching guides and templates in our COMPAS course, then one-on-one support to tailor these to specific jobs as we put you forward for them.
How do you find me a good job?
When you register we link your in-service experience, skills and qualifications with your behavioural style. We align this with one of our career pathways to start you off in your new direction. Your WYWM Consultant will then complete a career transition session with you to identify your interests, goals and personal plan. We then match all this to free training and open jobs in the right industry.
What type of jobs do you have?
WYWM has access to most industry areas with open jobs ranging from entry level skilled labourers (blue collar) to executive level consultants (white collar. WYWM has a strong client base across some of the best companies in Australia. We are continually offering new jobs with new clients and will find the right fit for you. We even help you get jobs outside of our program if you find one that interests you.
What type of training do you offer?
WYWM provides a range of courses and training opportunities, fully funded to support your transition and make you more competitive in the job market. Once allocated to a pathway your WYWM consultant will provide advice on which courses you might need to complete before applying for specific jobs.
Where are the jobs located and do I need to move location?
WYWM has jobs all around Australia focusing around most population centres. We can provide advice on locations with the best work opportunities to help with your transition planning and some of our clients will also assist with relocation if you are the right candidate for the role.
Do I have to pay for anything on the WYWM program?
All products and services offered to military veterans are free of charge. WYWM does this deliberately to offer an inclusive service for all veterans regardless of your service or current situation.
I was interested in the Startup Pathway where do I find information about that?
Individuals on our Startup Pathway are also exploring other career options. Just flag your interest with a WYWM career consultant and we will put your name down for the next intake.
I have registered but can't login?
If you are yet to sign up to WYWM2.0 that launched in December 2017, then ‘SIGNUP’ rather than ‘LOGIN’ using your old email address and select a new password. The new profile takes 10 minutes to complete and the personality profile another 15 minutes. COMPAS should be unlocked if you have completed this in the past. Contact us through the chat function in the new portal if you are having trouble.
How much time will I need to spend mentoring?
Usually only 1 hour a month, face-to-face or Skype. WYWM is very flexible in supporting as much or as little time that you can dedicate.
How many veterans will I be allocated?
You select veterans to mentor so it’s up to you how many you would like to mentor at any one time.
How do veterans get allocated to me?
When you signup to our platform and fill out your profile you will have access to a list of veterans that needed assistance. These will be ranked depending on location, career pathway and time until discharge to provide the best match for you. You can select a veteran and reach out to them on the WYWM platform via our chat function.
Do I need to provide a report/feedback on the veteran?
There is no formal reporting system. The intent is to give the veteran confidence and improve their knowledge of an industry or job. You are most welcome to email or call the WYWM team to discuss a veteran if you see fit.
What if I have a busy period and can't mentor?
You can stop mentoring or take a pause at any time, if you have started mentoring a veteran and need to pass them to a new mentor then contact the WYWM team and we can unmatch you on our platform and help them to find someone else.
What if I don't get along with the veteran allocated to me?
We understand that people don’t always click. Please feel free to let the veteran down gently by suggesting your not the ideal mentor for them and then let the WYWM team know so we can find them another mentor.
Who do I contact if I have an issue?
Just send an email to or contact us in the WYWM portal via the chat function.
I would like to influence my company to hire more veterans, can you help?
We can assist you to set up a veteran hire scheme within your organisation, or help source candidates for key roles. Just reach out to the team at and our account managers will get in touch.
How can I help more veterans?
Spread the word about WithYouWithMe on Linkedin, or add your mentor status to your profile under volunteer experience or in your headline. You can also get involved in the forum discussion on the WYWM platform and share your transition tips and industry insights, these are open to all veterans.