#BeFierce Jobseeker Stories: Neil Welch

#BeFierce Jobseeker Stories: Neil Welch

Neil was a highly trained Nuclear and Conventional Weapons Engineer with 20+ years of electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering experience across both the Royal Navy and Royal Australian Navy. Despite having qualifications in management and engineering, he struggled to gain interviews because he wasn’t a ‘degree qualified engineer’.

Neil said; “When I left Defence and received my final training transcript I was shocked to learn that during my 20+ year career, I had spent just as much time in training than if I were to complete three university degrees! So it was disappointing to be constantly turned away from jobs because recruiters thought I was not qualified or experienced enough.”

Unfortunately, this is a common story for military veterans as they transition into the civilian sector. But with the help of the WithYouWithMe team and our free platform, Neil navigated the system. We adjusted his CV and introduced him to the director of Enterprise Improvement Solutions, one of our employer partners. This director instantly saw Neil’s value and offered him a six month contract as an Asset Management Specialist, supporting the company’s engineering efforts in the mining industry. It didn’t take long for Neil to hit the ground running and his strong performance is being noted by his new employer, who is thrilled to have him as part of their team.

Career transition can require you to #BeFierce but the WithYouWithMe team are here to help. By focussing your job search on fast-growing industries, training you in #FutureSkills and connecting you directly with industry hiring managers, we are enabling diverse talent groups to secure meaningful long-term opportunities.

Neil’s words of encouragement to other veterans is “I don’t like to use the old clichés, such as “you have to stay strong” but when transitioning into a new industry you really need to. You should never doubt your abilities and what you have been taught in the defence force”.

MSS Veteran Career Information Night

MSS Veteran Career Information Night

What we are seeing at WithYouWithMe is a growing demand by the mining and resources sector across Australia for veterans with technical trades. This sentiment was reinforced during the MSS career information night this week, as the team presented to a packed room of Perth-based technical tradies.

Dean Irvine [the Lead Recruiter for MSS] spoke of the value of veterans in roles such as:

  • Technical Document Writing
  • Maintenance Planning/Scheduling
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Asset Management

“It is obvious to me that veterans have incredible skills and talents, they just need to learn to identify their value and then sell themselves.”
Dean Irvine, MSS

The veterans that attended the event walked away feeling secure in the knowledge that industry recognised their military training and more confident to pursue careers in the mining and resource sector.
“This was an absolutely positive experience, I learnt that veteran technicians have a lot of highly desired skills and training within the resource and mining sector and it has broadened my mind to different careers.”
– Phil Bleach, Aviation Technician

“It was a very informative night and highlighted a number of different pathways for veterans with a technical trade that I had not previously considered.”
Daniel Willoughby, Marine Technician

“I have really struggled to find the right career to pursue post defence and this type of information is what I needed to help me move forward. I am now seriously considering a career in the mining sector as a maintenance planner or reliability technician.”
–  John O’Shea, Marine Technician

If you’re a veteran with a technical trade who is looking for a new career then get in touch with Thomas Mynott thomas_mynott@withyouwithme.com.au or signup to our free program.

What is a Veteran Assessment Centre?

What is a Veteran Assessment Centre?

An ‘Assessment Centre’ is a small mini-career-expo of sorts. We run them for individual employers who have multiple open roles for veterans. It gives potential candidates the chance to meet the team and get a feel for the culture in a more casual setting, plus learn about career pathway options with top performing Australian-based companies.

Usually they involve office tours, presentations and sometime beer and pizza. We often also run speed interview sessions for pre-matched candidates, enabling veterans to face-to-face with hiring managers and sell their skills.

Stryker Veteran Assessment Centre

Earlier in the month veterans on our Skilled Labour Pathway in Perth attended Tasman Rope Access, with a number being quickly employed by the company. We also took a group of veterans to Stryker in Sydney, to showcase both entry-level and executive-level logistics and warehousing roles and give candidates the chance to go behind-the-scenes at the company that has been voted #1 place to work in Australia!

Glad Group Veteran Assessment Centre

Last week veterans on our Facilities Management Pathway attended Glad Group in Sydney CBD – more details on hires from that event to come. Plus another small group from our Sales Pathway attended Charterhouse in Sydney to learn about careers in recruitment and why the military mindset is a great match for this line of work.

Charterhouse Veteran Assessment Centre

Keep an eye on our weekly email and social media pages to learn about upcoming Assessment Centres. For your diary: Amazon Web Services in Sydney, May 3rd, more details to come.