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Discover your potential

Capita has teamed up with WithYouWithMe to understand the amazing potential of our people and to help you recognise your own strengths and abilities!

Please complete your details on the form provided so WithYouWithMe can send you a link to complete the test at home.

Capita testing

Why is Capita testing it’s employees?

We know that our workforce is full of uncovered potential, and we hope to go under the surface of what makes our people great and understand the skills that exist in each and every one of you. We also want to help you better understand your own strengths and abilities to get you closer to your career goals.

Better understanding how you work and what makes you tick

The aptitude test will help you understand your personality, where your strengths lie and how you work individually or as part of a team. We want to ensure you get the most out of your role so it will also highlight what kinds of work you should be doing whether it be creative, translating or doing style tasks. We also want to offer the best support we can in the areas you might struggle, so understanding this is key to our role as your employer.

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Discover your natural strengths

Discover your natural personality strengths

We all know that the people we work with can make all the difference to your day. We can use this test to understand which teams you fit into well and avoid personality clashes as well as identifying your leadership skills and motivations.

Discover your natural strengths

Help us understand what makes you great.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Capita testing its employees?

The reason we are testing our employees is because we want to understand two things. Firstly, what skills make up our organisation and where underutilised skills exist within our workforce. Secondly, we want to know what skills we are lacking so we can provide training in those areas. We also want to help you understand your own strengths to help with your career development and get you closer to your goals.

What happens to my data?

Your data will be collected privately and held securely in WithYouWithMe’s data centres. Your data won't be tied to your name only a unique identifier code that will only tell us about what team and industry you work in.

Will the potential mapping affect my employment?

No. Capita only wants to use this information to understand where we are at as an organisation and how we can all be better, not to see where you are at as an individual.

Can I see my own results after?

Yes! you will be able to access your testing report from your dashboard on the potential platform. The data will be presented in an easy to understand way using visualisations.

Discover your natural strengths

Help us understand what makes you great.
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