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IDEaS, CAF TG and WithYouWithMe are building a digitized transition centre to facilitate information sharing between departments, units and individuals

The IDEaS centre aims to achieve three key outcomes:
  1. Help CAF members, Veterans and their families access and process the vast volume of information related to their transition
  2. Facilitate information sharing between CAF members, Veterans and their families, and the various organizations involved in the transition
  3. Provide DND/CAF and VAC with the ability to assess the value of various services provided by third-party organizations

Enabling Veterans with actionable insights

At WithYouWithMe, we’re acutely aware of the challenges faced by individuals transitioning from military to civilian life, particularly the struggle to find rewarding employment opportunities. That's why we are dedicated to providing Veterans with the resources and training they need to secure not just another job, but a fulfilling career.

To ensure our support effectively meets your unique requirements, we engage in a continuous dialogue with transitioning members, Veterans and support staff. We value your ideas and feedback about the hurdles you face, whether that involves securing your second career, finding supportive services for you and your family, or managing the overall transition process.

Our aim is to make this journey smoother and more successful for you.

How to get started

A simple process to open a world of possibilities
There are four key parts to this exercise which should take no more than two hours of your time. 

Please ensure you complete the exercise between 15th of June, 2023 – 6th of July, 2023.
Step 1
Log in
Log in to WithYouWithMe’s Potential platform using the username and password provided by your TC staff.
Sign up
Create your profile
Step 2
Unlock your career potential
Complete your career assessment to reveal your natural strengths and be matched to new opportunities. Testing takes approximately 90 minutes, broken up into multiple sections and is at your own pace. 
Step 3
Complete the survey
Take the military-civilian employment survey to view and test the 'My Next Career’ application and help us gain valuable insights to improve transition services.
Complete skill mapping
Get a report on your strengths
Step 4
Get a report on your strengths
Receive a detailed feedback report outlining your natural aptitude, personality profile, learning style and ideal culture fit. You can attend a group or one-on-one session with a member of the WithYouWithMe team to understand your results and how to use them.

Reasons to complete your aptitude testing

Enrol in FREE training
Inform future career decisions
Explore your abilities
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Your privacy is important to us. We are committed to ensuring that your privacy is respected and maintained at all times. WithYouWithMe is committed to comply with Australian, Canadian, United States and other privacy laws and obligations, including the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), where applicable. This policy explains how we collect, hold, use, maintain and disclose information. It also outlines how you can access and seek to correct information. Read our full policy here.