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Discover your hidden potential through the WithYouWithMe and CAF TG Partnership

The CAF TG is working with WithYouWithMe to improve and modernize the transition process for our service members. WithYouWithMe is a social-impact organization that recruits and trains Canadians who often encounter challenges when looking for employment, due to systemic barriers. These people, such as veterans and people with a neurodiverse profile, are part of our active society and great contributors to the workforce.

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Get a report on your strengths & prepare for your next challenge

Complete the CAF TG approved skill mapping to identify your current and future potential. Stay ahead of the transition journey and keep contributing to your family, team and your community by identifying your strengths and matching to critical foundational (training/Jobs/Careers?).

The approved CAF TG skill mapping includes Cognitive Aptitude, Personality, Psychometric and Learning Preference to demonstrate your underlying natural abilities. It also allows you to input relevant existing skills based on your experience. The results will be anonymously viewed by CAF TG and the WYWM team to help inform future improvements to the transition process.

You can complete the skill mapping in English or French in about 90min, over one sitting or several days.

Reasons to complete your skill mapping

Enrol in future Digital training
Inform future career decisions
Explore your abilities

How to get started

A simple process to open a world of possibilities
Step 1
Sign up
Create an account on the OCIO approved Potential Platform to commence the process. (5 min to complete).
Sign up
Create your profile
Step 2
Create your profile
Input your basic information and upload relevant skills from your experience to date. (5 min to complete).
Step 3
Complete skill mapping
Complete the 4 components of the skill mapping. Take your time and avoid distraction for the best results. (90 min in total)
Complete skill mapping
Get a report on your strengths
Step 4
Get a report on your strengths
Receive a detailed feedback report on your strengths and aptitude. Attend a group or individual session with the WYWM team to understand your results and how to use them. Learn about what steps to take next.
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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to complete all the assessments in one go?

No, there are 4 components to the profile and your results are saved after you complete each component. You can take a break between each assessment if you need

What if the profile does not work properly, can I retest?

Yes, if you face any technology issues with our platform or your system, please let us know and we can reset your profile for you.

How do I learn the skills that I matched to?

The career matches translate into skills that you would be great at and that could serve you in your next career. WYWM offers a bunch of digital training courses in line with these, and you can see them on our website. Starting with some basics is sometimes the best option, for example the Data Foundations course, available to all. Personalized advice can be provided to you by your organization or by WYWM.

Who sees my results?

Only you will have access to the complete testing results. WYWM and CAF-TGwill keep a fully anonymized version of portions of your testing. All personally identifiable information will be removed. This information will be used in aggregate to inform some of the future strategic workforce decisions, including in planning and training.

Can I get help understanding my results?

Yes, absolutely. The testing report contains a lot of information and WYWM team is ready to provide 1:1 debrief on results and help you understand how to use them.

Am I restricted to taking only courses that fit the career matches I got?

No, you can have access to developing other skills by going to any available pipeline on the platform. The career match represents an area where you could succeed, based on your testing results. It also needs to be aligned to motivation to learn, as well as career opportunities. Again, personalized advice can be provided to you by your organization or by WYWM.