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Increase your digital literacy and workplace productivity by taking our skills mapping assessment. Match your strengths and natural skills to an area of tech.

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  • We create your Skills Map which uses psychometric, aptitude and learning style data to match you to one of 13 digital career pathways.
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Empower Cadets for the future

Empower Cadets for the future

This digital initiative seeks to empower and inspire all members of the Cadet team through the innovative use of leading-edge digital technologies, never forgetting that our most valuable strength stems from our people, their knowledge and the sage judgement they apply on a daily basis. We will work to adopt those digital technologies that augment the irreplaceable capabilities of our people, ensuring they have the tools and capabilities needed to meet increasing challenges of the digital era.

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Forward looking posture

In order to position ourselves to more proactively leverage modern digital technologies, we must adopt a persistent forward-looking posture. This includes establishing the capacity and expertise to identify those emerging digital technologies most likely to impact our way of doing business. It also requires that members of the naval team increase their awareness of modern digital technologies with a view to identifying opportunities that accelerate the Cadets evolution as a leading-edge institution.

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Forward looking posture