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Flexible tech training for a future-ready workforce

By Gabi Paterson 
Published: February 28, 2023
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The pace of change in the workplace is ever-increasing in-line with the pace of technological innovation. Keeping up requires an organisational culture of continuous learning.

For one leading Australian bank, implementing a digital training program wasn’t only about ensuring they remain competitive in the eyes of their clients, but also a social responsibility to their staff.

The catalyst for change

Through customer feedback, this popular bank became acutely aware of a need to incorporate new technologies into client engagements to ensure they were providing the best possible service and remaining competitive in the market.

A key part of their strategy in incorporating these new technologies was to identify and enable internal talent to improve their digital capabilities rather than looking to external hires. By transitioning existing people from their workforce into new careers, the bank could provide professional development opportunities and improve staff retention rates.

Identifying latent talent for rapid upskilling

The first step involved identifying latent talent in the workforce who expressed an interest in learning new skills. The bank approached WYWM to create a bespoke program that would see their workforce tested to identify their personality types, learning styles and aptitude, then offered customised training based on current and future role requirements.

Using the Potential platform, WYWM tested more than 100 staff and provided the bank with a comprehensive map of their workforce, identifying those with a strong propensity to succeed in a digital role. WYWM then supported the staff through flexible, self-directed training programs which covered basic data analytics, robotics process automation and cyber security.

Within 3 months, 60 of the 100 staff initially tested had completed their training and were armed with the data and automation skills to take on new digital careers.

Human asset creation

As a result of their training, the new digital team members were able to deliver Capstone projects tailored to clients’ specific needs, producing tangible results for the clients and the bank.

By viewing their workforce as individual assets that should be invested in and grown, the bank is preparing both their organisation and their people with the relevant skills to succeed in the future.

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