Introducing the new WYWM Academy

As we worked to get military veterans meaningful new careers, we realised that education and employment were seriously misaligned. Nobody was teaching the hard skills required by industry to allow companies to respond to the future of work and the talent gap was growing ever bigger. 

We originally launched the WYWM Academy to train under-utilised and diverse talent groups to enter the workforce after a significant ‘career gap’ such as military service, elite sport or parenthood. 

Recently we have also opened up our training courses to employers, to allow them to up-skill existing employees at risk of job automation and redundancy.

Current courses include Cyber Security, Robotic Process Automation, Project Management and Tech Sales – with more coming soon.

Short online courses aligned to industry

Access to the WYWM Academy is free for currently serving and ex-defence members. Our courses are aligned to specific careers and by analysing the labour market, we can predict the most in demand roles with long term career prospects. We are continually releasing new course content, check back soon!

Cyber Security

Our cyber security courses are industry leading. We train military personnel for free and are building an army of veteran analysts and pen-testers to deploy into industry in full-time roles and labour hire arrangements. Did we mention security clearances?

Robotic Process Automation

If you are only just learning what RPA is and what it means for your workforce, then you are not alone. When we discovered that most companies are being forced to go off-shore for automation advice, we knew it was time to act and enable local talent to pursue careers in this growing space.

Supported Career Pathways

We support a number of career pathways through the WYWM Academy and in partnership with external training providers (WithYouWithMe funded in a lot of cases). Explore some options, then signup to chat to a career consultant.

Future of the worker

With over 3,000 military professionals now on our program across Australia, NZ and the USA, we are proving that short courses designed for current industry needs are the way forward. By predicting future skills, we are arming individuals to become the most competitive talent in the market and ensuring long-term career success.

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