I always knew I would have a career of service. I was an Eagle Scout growing up and enlisted in the Army where I completed my career in Special Operations as part of the 75th Ranger Regiment. I wanted to continue to work in a leadership role and work alongside other like-minded individuals – and that’s when I found WithYouWithMe.

WithYouWithMe provided me the opportunity to career shift and use all the skills I developed as a Ranger. At different points in every Ranger’s career, we move out of the Ranger Regiment, whether it is to another place in the military or moving outside the military, we never stop being Rangers. We always put forth one hundred percent effort, we flow through high-intensity situations in a calm and collective manner, and we always strive to assist others where we can.

I will always be a Ranger, and I have found a way to continue my missions in a different way. That mission is to protect others against malicious adversaries in cyberspace. WYWM, a company that has that Ranger mentality, is helping me achieve these goals and push on through this mission. And I get to build a team to take with me on this exciting journey.

The cyber analyst training we have done has been great. The training slowly progresses you into an understanding of the fundamentals for a cyber analyst and incident response, and the instructors always answer any questions that come their way and assist with troubleshooting any areas we have trouble with. I had the opportunity to meet and network with a whole new group of veterans and civilians. This opportunity has greatly assisted me with the, very stressful, transition process and has set me up for success as I start this new chapter of my life. We have had a few bumps along the way, but we have been adapting to each issue. I am very grateful, that I had the opportunity to help start a new training path for veterans and I am excited that I get to help other veterans out in the future.