Days after his official retirement from the Marine Corps, Lieutenant General (Ret) Vincent Stewart (Vince) turns his attention to solving the problem of cybersecurity and Veteran Unemployment.

Lieutenant General (Ret) Vincent Stewart has officially joined WithYouWithMe as a Principal for Cyber Security. After 38 years of honorable service to his nation and the United States Marine Corps, Vince established his own company, Stewart Global Solutions LLC in order to continue his final mission with the DoD and the cybersecurity challenges that face the United States.

Prior to his final duty station as Deputy Commander United States Cyber Command, Vince served his nation as the 20th Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). These distinguished positions were awarded to Vince following his exemplary years of service rising from the rank of 2nd Lieutenant to the highest levels of the US Military and Intelligence Community.

Vince’s respect amongst his peers was evident at his official retirement ceremony at the historic Marine Barracks at 8th and I in Washington DC on Friday, April 5th, with the attendance of many high-ranking officials from across the intelligence and security community, both current and former, from all around the world.

Although no longer in uniform, Vince remains committed to the national security of his nation as he pursues mission success in the cybersecurity field. Joining forces with WithYouWithMe, a cybersecurity labor development company, Vince is working to help fill the massive cyber labor shortages across the United States Government and commercial sector. Cybersecurity as a profession has matured in the last five years and it’s greatest challenge is building the workforce to protect commercial and government networks.

Working with WithYouWithMe, Vince believes the answer lies with the veteran community. Having led America’s premier cyber organization, Vince believes strongly that veterans are not only perfectly conditioned to be exceptional cyber professionals, and are already trained in most of the skills needed to be successful in the cyber field. WithYouWithMe has a unique capability through a cyber aptitude assessment and training tool to provide a scalable, technical skill training bridge program to get veterans job ready.

WithYouWithMe is exceptionally proud to now count Vince as one of the team. His formidable experience, insights and skills will prove a critical contribution to our mission to solve veteran underemployment.

The start of this powerful partnership will be showcased this coming Friday the 12th, at WithYouWithMe’s inaugural Veteran Career Expo in Washington DC. Vince will be speaking alongside industry leaders in cybersecurity on the value veterans bring to the cyber field and how we can train them at scale to fill the national commercial and government cyber skills shortages.

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