Sydney, Thursday 16 August 2018: Employment and education start-up WithYouWithMe has today announced a partnership with Western Sydney University to help train the next generation of cyber security talent to enter the workforce.

WithYouWithMe and Western Sydney University (WSU) have teamed up to help get students job-ready for the cyber security industry. Estimates show that the Australian cyber industry has a skills gap of roughly 11,000 individuals, a number which is rapidly growing given the pace of change in the industry.

WithYouWithMe has developed an innovative training solution which can upskill an individual with no background in cyber security and help them be job-ready for an entry level role. The course runs in parallel with WithYouWithMe’s testing and matching software which assesses an individual’s aptitude and attitude to recommend who would be the best job and culture fit for cyber security.

WSU has partnered with WithYouWithMe by guaranteeing credit and recognition of WithYouWithMe’s cyber training within an undergraduate degree in computer science, allowing individuals a practical skills-based path to a new cyber career. The two parties are currently working through the final steps towards a deeper integration of WithYouWithMe’s learning approaches with WSU’s tertiary studies in high-tech areas, including cyber and robotics. This approach will provide a pathway for new students and a stepping stone for those considering tertiary-level study to support their growth as a cyber security professional.

The partnership was announced today at the launch of Project Sierra at WSU’s Parramatta campus – a project run by WithYouWithMe in collaboration with AustCyber to train more than 75 undergraduate students in the WYWM Academy Cyber Analyst Course and enter the job market. The program’s funding was announced earlier this month by the Minister for Jobs and Innovation Michaela Cash, with more than 120 students attending today’s launch event alongside leading employers such as Telstra, Westpac, NSW Government, Accenture and CBA.

Tom Larter, WithYouWithMe CEO, ANZ, said the project was set to completely change the way the cyber industry views talent.

“For too long industry has been stuck in its way when it comes to looking at what makes good cyber talent. Companies are often looking for an individual with extensive experience and a highly-technical background as a pre-requisite to get a job,” Larter said.

“WithYouWithMe’s testing and training platform shows that any individual with the right aptitude and attitude can be a success. We hope the project with AustCyber and the partnership with WSU starts to change the narrative and helps pipeline new talent into the industry.”

Project Sierra aims to test more than 1,000 Australian undergraduate students on its platform, with the top 100 individuals who test as ‘best fit’ for a cyber career given free access to the WYWM Academy training. The program is open to students from all universities, including WSU, with students encouraged to register and complete the testing by September