Name: Va Hart
WithYouWithMe Position: Learning & Development Manager
ADF Background: Royal Australian Navy, Lieutenant Training Systems Officer

What did you enjoy most about your military career?

“The highlight of my Navy career was the varied job roles you could get. One minute I would be assisting with the launching and landing of the helicopter onboard, the next I would be investigating training shortfalls and providing transition information. There was rarely a dull moment.”

Was your transition to the civilian world difficult?

“Yes, I felt lost and a little overwhelmed trying to sell myself to companies. For so many years I had gone from posting to posting without having to put an application together or even interview for any job. I also lost confidence in my skillset because the Navy bubble that I had been in was outdated in the Learning and Development field.”

What key piece of advice do you have for other veterans moving from the ADF into the civilian workplace? 

“I was swept up in my job and relocating the family at the time of leaving and really didn’t focus on my transition plan. I kept putting it off until the last couple of weeks. Luckily during my last minute panic I decided to search for past colleagues on LinkedIn and Facebook that had already transitioned, and ask them for advice. I was told to look up the WithYouWithMe website! My greatest piece of advice is to build your network as soon as possible and work on maintaining those relationships, because you never know when you might need it.”  

What do you like about working for WithYouWithMe? 

“I really am blown away by the passion and drive in this company. I personally believe that our people are our greatest assets, and it’s nice to work for a company that believes in the same motto.” 

In your opinion, what is the best part of the program? 

I was excited to learn how far WithYouWithMe has come in such a short time, and I’m excited about the potential scope for the WithYouWithMe Veteran Training Academy, that I have been brought on to expand. The Academy is the tool that empowers those transitioning to take control of their future by up-skilling them for a career they are passionate about. Making a difference to the men and women leaving active service is so important to me because they have already given so much and deserve to be looked after for their next career. I love that we can add so much value – and that I never have to charge a veteran a cent.” 

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