Name: David Robinson

WYWM position: Account Manager – Cyber Security

ADF Background Service: Australian Army (2007) Rank: Infantry, Intelligence Officer, Captain


Was your transition from the Defence Force difficult?

My transition was difficult because I was unable to find a corporate workplace that thought my military experience was valuable. The general theme was a lack of cultural empathy and subsequent recognition of my skills and experience from employers. I was unable to translate my unique Army service as a point of competitive advantage. Employers saw too much risk in my lack of ‘business experience’ or ‘civilian accredited education’. Comments like ‘maybe after 6 months of business experience’ or ‘the other candidate’s profile was more relevant to the job description’ didn’t help my confidence.

What key piece of advice do you have for other veterans currently transitioning from the ADF into the civilian workplace?

When you go for an interview in the civilian workplace, regardless of your skills and education, it is very important to strike an immediate rapport with the hiring manager. The Army lexicon does not exist in an interview or CV. Mirror their words and language, as it will increase your chance of success.

What do you like about working for WithYouWithMe?

I like that I have the opportunity to educate Australian industry about how highly skilled veterans are for the corporate workplace. I also like meeting with Australians who understand that veterans give them an advantage in a contested marketplace.