Name: Tom Larter

WYWM position: General Manager

ADF Background Service: Australian Army (2004) Rank: Infantry Officer 2008 – 2017

Was your transition from defence force difficult? My transition was hard. Like many veterans, I struggled to see where the skills I had developed during my time in the Army aligned within the civilian workplace. I knew I was good at lots of different things but did not know where I should apply or where I would be most happy. On top of this, I found it difficult to figure out what positions and companies I should be applying for.

What key piece of advice do you have for veterans currently transitioning out of the ADF? Start your transition plan early (+12 months is okay). Figure out the things you like and dislike about your current role or previous ADF roles and when you have defined that, start to build a professional network and learn about the industry.

What do you like about working for WithYouWithMe? I like that WithYouWithMe has a definite goal of supporting the future security of this country. I also love that the workplace is agile, challenging, interesting and targeting BIG problems. The company is filled with very talented people constantly striving to do great work – it is a very positive environment to be a part of.