Name: Will Lewis
WYWM position: Account Manager – Rail, Infrastructure, Construction and Telecom 

ADF Background
Service: Australian Army (2011)
Rank: PTE Infantry Soldier

When and why did you join the Defence Force?
I enlisted in the Army straight after graduating High School in 2011. I joined as a Rifleman, because I wanted to serve my country and help people. I ended up serving for just under five years and spent most of my time in 7RAR. I was deployed on operations to Timor Leste and Afghanistan.

Was your transition from the Defence Force difficult?
I discharged from the Army without a plan. Due to my lack of planning and my ‘she’ll be right’ attitude, I actually ended up sleeping on the street without a job for about a month. I worked hard, working as a dishwasher at a cafe and doing some other bits and pieces for money. I eventually landed on my feet but my transition definitely was not easy. So in saying that, learn from the mistakes of others – I always recommend veterans to plan their transition as if it was a military operation.

What do you like about working for WithYouWithMe?
I love helping people – every day I am able to help veterans explore career opportunities and find their purpose. I also love the fact that we’re changing the veteran narrative from “damaged goods” to the fact that we’re highly talented individuals with extensive skills and experience, ready to be utilised in the civilian workforce.