Name: Thomas Mynott
WYWM position: Account Manager – Robotics Process Automation, Data Science and IT

ADF Background
Service: Australian Army (June 2008 – December 2016)
Rank: Captain (CAPT), Royal Australian Engineer Corps (RAE)

Why did you join the Defence Force?
I joined the Defence Force because I had a strong desire to become part of the ongoing ANZAC legend. I loved the idea of having the opportunity to serve with other Australians who are also willing to serve and protect others. It’s a good feeling to be a part of something bigger than myself. 

What is your key piece of advice for veterans transitioning from the Defence Force?
My key piece of advice is to understand your value in the marketplace. Veterans often don’t understand that the skills they have developed from their training within defence are attributes that take people decades to master. This is your competitive advantage! Position yourself through networking and up-skilling, and then SELL yourself!

What do you like about working for WithYouWithMe?
I love being part of a very dedicated team. Everyone in the team has a desire to solve a big problem with big answers. It is quite inspirational and motivates me to work hard until the veteran transition narrative is changed.