Name: Daniel Saliba
WYWM position: Candidate Manager

ADF Background
Service: Australian Army (2012)
Rank: Infantry, 1RAR, LCPL

Why did you join the Defence Force?
I joined the Army in 2012 in the pursuit of an exciting and rewarding career, with the opportunity to travel around Australia and overseas. To be able to travel and defend my country at the same time was the perfect way to challenge myself and grow as an individual.

Was your transition from the Defence Force difficult?
Yes my transition was difficult. I started applying for jobs seven months before I discharged and I didn’t secure a full-time job until two months after I discharged. However, once I secured full-time employment and was in the civilian workforce, I found it extremely enjoyable. I think it is extremely important to start planning your transition well in advanced.

What do you like about working for WithYouWithMe?
Everyone in the team has a big passion for the work we do – it is very powerful. I love helping people that are going through the same issues that most (if not all of us) went through when we discharged. I wish something like this was available to me when I left the Army.