“Demonstrate courage and put yourself out there…you have absolutely nothing to lose!

Since leaving the Army, Kay has achieved success as a HR professional and mentor. With 30 years of work experience, Kay hopes to share her valuable lessons with others looking to transition from the Defence Force.

Kay joined the Army straight after graduating high school and was fortunate to be selected for officer training. In 1987, she graduated Duntroon in a class of four women and 123 men. Kay was then commissioned into RASigs and enjoyed EW postings both within Australia and overseas. In the mid-90s, Kay left the Army to focus on her family, but remained in the Army Reserves. She relocated with her family overseas and was willing to find any work to support her family. She believes that this process has enhanced her adaptability and confidence to be able to work efficiently in most workplaces.

Kay transitioned into a HR career after the Defence Force and specialises in the areas of career management, learning and development, and program delivery. She believes that these skills were highly transferrable from her experience in the Army, as well as her skills in developing improvement strategies and implementing change management.

Kay shares with those transitioning from the Defence Force the importance of demonstrating courage and confidence to stand out, because there is nothing to lose. From her extensive experience in career coaching and mentoring, Kay emphasises the importance of reaching out to your existing network to support your transition, as approximately 70% of roles are not advertised. She also shares that the interview process should be approached with the mentality of whether you want to work for an organisation, not whether you are good enough.

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