“Military skills and experience are valuable for any company”

Alex served in the military for eight years before she was medically discharged due to Multiple Sclerosis. After overcoming her initial apprehensions around starting her new civilian career, Alex kept an open mind and a positive attitude to land her current position working at Broadspectrum.

Alex joined the Army in 2006 as an Officer Cadet at the Australian Defence Force Academy and completed her Bachelor of Business. She then progressed to the Royal Military College and was allocated to Medical Corp. She spent four years at the 2nd General Health Battalion in Brisbane before being medically discharged for Multiple Sclerosis.

When Alex transitioned from the Defence Force, she found it mentally difficult to prepare for a new career. However once she started, it became clear that she was ahead of her peers due to her military training and development. Alex believes that her military experience gave her a competitive advantage in the civilian workplace and helped her secure a position with Broadspectrum as the Services Manager on the immigration contract with the Australian Government. In particular, Alex credits her strong management skills, informed decision making, and strategic planning skills developed in the military for shaping the manager she is today.

Alex was fortunate to have some strong mentors to seek advice and guidance from as she navigated her new career. Her mentors had transitioned from the Defence Force themselves and she credits their advice for helping set her up for success. Alex hopes that she can provide the same guidance to others looking to transition from the Defence Force.

Alex emphasises that the military skills and experience instilled into Defence Force personnel makes them valuable for any company. She stresses that ADF veterans should use these skills to their advantage and ensure they are prepared to transition into a new career.  

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