“Firstly, I would like to formally thank WithYouWithMe for the support and professional facilitation it has afforded me thus far. In particular, I would like to thank those individuals that have provided me with the level of professional courtesy and education following an interest in transitioning from Defence.

The WithYouWithMe foundation is a logically run, professionally driven and highly relevant organisation which has invested great time and effort in order to ensure that I am as well positioned and prepared when I decide to transition from the Defence Force. I have found the following aspects of WithYouWithMe to be most impressive:

1. It does not reinforce the ‘PTSD/victim’ narrative which is consistent with many ex-military workers.
2. It utilises effective mentorship from reliable and proven individuals who have a willingness to help other ex-service men and women.
3. It promotes positive reputation of ex-military people, to businesses who may not know how to measure its benefits.
4. It opens communication between military and commercial industries.
5. It provides a means to make a transition from the military not only realistic, but achievable.”

– David, WYWM Mentee