“…talk to at least three people a day about your ideas and what action you are taking to achieve them…”

After working in Air Force Intelligence for over 5 years, Bodene Childs left in 2013 to pursue a career in marketing and has since established her own companies: Kaizen Marketing and Kaizen Space.

Bodene struggled to transition into the civilian workplace, as her military skills were not immediately transferable to industry. She had minimal qualifications and no business or corporate network to turn to for advice and mentoring. In fact, one of Bodene’s biggest challenges in establishing her businesses has been building her small business network. After serving in the army, she had difficulty trying to build her reputation and expand her network, so she had to work “double as hard to make up for lost time”.

Bodene started Kaizen Space to help other start-up business owners, especially ex-defence members, to expand their networks and seek advice from people who have successful start-ups. She also has a digital marketing agency called Kaizen Marketing, which was inspired by her military background in intelligence. Bodene wanted to transition into an industry that enabled her to analyse data and write reports, as these were tasks she most enjoyed in the defence force. Her businesses have enabled her to pursue her passions and help others as well.

Bodene is grateful that she has been able to provide a space for small business owners to come together, build their network and share advice. She advises other veterans who are thinking about starting their own business to read ‘The Lean Start Up’ by Eric Ries and talk to at least three people a day about your ideas and what action you are taking to achieve them. By focusing on your start-up and talking about it consistently, Bodene believes that you will remain more focused and be able to build your network and reach your goals.

For more information about Bodene’s businesses, check out Kaizen Marketing and Kaizen Space.