“Persistence and networking is key after the Defence Force”

After nearly eight years in the army, Kane thought that his military experience would enable him to secure any job in the civilian world. But despite sending out hundreds of resumes, he was lucky to even get a reply. Kane persevered through his difficult transition process to land a great career in the private security sector and is now a Director of a UK company, Frontier Risks.

Kane enlisted in the army straight after high school in 2006 and progressed in his career to become “Corporal and completed my Reconnaissance & Surveillance course posting to the Platoon as a Patrol Commander”. He left the army in 2013 ready to conquer the civilian world with the goal of landing a job in the private security sector. However, he encountered a difficult transition process and realised that securing any job was going to be more challenging than he thought.

Kane applied for hundreds of jobs that he thought he was qualified for and was lucky to hear back from any of them. His optimism slowly began to fade with continued rejection. He wasn’t even successful for a job that involved taking apart shipping pallets, which he thought he would get due to the “requirements of long hours and demanding physical work”. But instead of feeling defeated by it, Kane decided to look at it as “a job that I can cross off that I’m never going to do in my life”.

Kane is now a Director of Frontier Risks, which is a company that “specialises in Security & Risk Management, and Pre-Hospital Medical Training”. He believes that his core military skills have been transferrable to business, particularly “meticulous planning, the ability to execute the plan, the perseverance to carry on when it goes wrong, and the discipline to continue moving forward”. He hopes that he can help others going through their transition process by sharing the lessons he learnt to help make their transition easier.

Kane encourages those transitioning from the Defence Force to “be persistent and never stop learning”. He also stresses the importance of networking in order to help you land your ideal job. He encourages veterans to “find the industry you want to work in, find a person in it and invite them for a coffee or a beer to pick their brain of what they have learnt on the path to where they are today”.

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