“Maintain resilience and persevere through your transition from the Defence Force”

When Jim resigned from his commission in the Royal Marines after ten years of service, he encountered a few challenges throughout his transition process. After a few years of hard work and perseverance, he is now the Human Resources Director in Australia and New Zealand for DXC Technology and is motivated to help other veterans to have a seamless transition process.

Jim joined the Royal Marines straight after school in 1985 as a Young Officer and progressed through various roles, including Troop Commander and Jungle Warfare Instructor. Once Jim commenced his transition process, he applied for around 600 jobs and only had three interview requests. One of these interviews was for a job to “drive a Mercedes van delivering high end cheese to retail outlets,” and he wasn’t even successful in getting that job.

He received no real outplacement support to help with his transition and was forced to take any temporary or short-term contract work just so that he could provide for himself and his wife at the time. He was unsure of what career he wanted to enter after leaving the military, but knew that he could do pretty much anything that was put in front of him. Eventually, he got a job opportunity with a company in the recruitment industry and within 12 months he was running the IT recruitment business for that same company. Ever since, his career has gone from strength to strength.

From this experience, Jim wants veterans who are transitioning from the ADF to know that “you have been trained to be resilient, to be cheerful in the face of adversity and to deal with whatever gets flung your way”. He stresses the importance of using this to your advantage and to realise that you can do anything.

In Jim’s current role, he has to work as part of a team and ensure that he gets the best out of them to achieve the company’s objectives. He believes that this is a transferrable skill from his time in the military and values his military experience for being able to devise solutions and strategies to bring out the best in his team at DXC Technology.

Jim has always been motivated to give back to the military community and wants to help veterans “get a head start on the next phase of their life”. He encourages veterans to start networking and be “shameless in asking for advice or who to talk with to get that advice. You are significantly more likely to get a job through a network connection than through a job advertisement”. He also stresses the importance of keeping in touch with ex-military people, as “there is nothing better than being able to share with people who understand you”.

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