“Persevere through the challenges to land your desired job after the Defence Force”

After serving in the Royal Australian Navy for nearly fourteen and a half years, Jordan departed in January 2017. He encountered several challenges trying to get a job during his transition process, but persevered until he landed a job that motivated him to leave the Defence Force. Now he is a Facilities and Resources Team Leader for TAFE NSW and wants to help other veterans have a smooth transition process.

Jordan joined the Navy because it was important for him to serve his country and it provided him with the opportunity to travel around the world. He joined the Navy as a Boatswain’s Mate in 2002 and progressed into other roles over his time serving. He served on several ships and even had the opportunity to serve on Border Protection Operations and in the Middle East.

When Jordan started his transition process, he found it difficult to navigate the job searching process. He struggled with perfecting his resume and interviewing skills to make him competitive in the civilian world, and was unsuccessful for 40 job opportunities. Fortunately, he gave himself just over a year to transition so that he could nail his resume writing and interview techniques, and learn from his setbacks. Eventually, Jordan was offered an opportunity by an ex-serviceman through networking. Through this experience, Jordan learnt the importance of networking and planning his discharge to ensure that he secured a meaningful job.

Jordan wants other veterans to know that they should take their time to plan their discharge before they truly consider it, as this was an immense help to his own experience.

In his current position as a Facilities and Resources Team Leader, Jordan credits his navy skills and experience for helping him successfully complete tasks. Notably, “the structured and coordinated mindset that the military ingrained has served [him] particularly well”, as he has improved processes and maintenance schemes to ensure that they are effective. Also, his military training has helped him keep a clear mind under pressure, prioritise issues as they arise, and effectively lead and develop his team members.

Jordan hopes that he can help other ADF personnel with their transition process as a WithYouWithMe mentor and to make it as smooth as possible. He shares with those who are currently in transition to “keep your mind open to different job roles. Commit to the process and don’t lose faith”.

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