By Tom Moore, CEO and Co-founder of WithYouWithMe

Most of us have used a recruiter in one way or another. Whether you’re a job seeker looking to land that perfect gig, or an employer looking for that ideal candidate, recruiters can be the perfect middle-man that often ends in a win-win-win scenario.

However, there are times when recruitment doesn’t go to plan. A candidate may interview well and look like a dream on paper, but then they start the role and it becomes very apparent that they aren’t the right fit. Whether it’s a lack of skill-set or they’re not a cultural fit, there are many reasons why it doesn’t work out.

The temptation in this situation is to blame the recruiter. “They must have known that this person was a dud” would be a pretty common thought. But is that entirely fair? A recruiter often has access to the same information you do as an interviewer – a CV, a couple of selected references and a few hours of interviews to make a call on whether this person will be the best person to work alongside you 40-50 hours a week for years to come.

So what’s the solution? There needs to be more time spent in developing the individual and relying on more than a simple CV and interview to show they will be a fit. This is what WithYouWithMe is aiming to do. Our Managing Director Tom wrote recently about the concept of a Talent Incubator – focussed on developing talent and matching to appropriate companies. WithYouWithMe currently helps veterans transition from the defence force. But rather than helping those transitioning spruce up their resume and giving them a few interviewing tips before handballing them over to their new employer, we’re focused on incubating the talent and matching them with companies who fit their personality and skillset.

Having worked my entire career in corporates, I must admit that I didn’t know how veterans would fit into my workplace and probably questioned the value they can bring. And I imagine I’m not alone – it’s hard to see how skills are transferrable to your industry.

To help breakdown these barriers, we work closely with businesses as part of our company’s solution to ensure that individuals have the skills they need to be a success. We also tailor our packages to ensure that the veteran will meet specific skill-sets which may be unique to your organisation, and very importantly, ensuring they fit the culture of your company. And with a member of the company mentoring the individual through the transition, you know you won’t be getting one of the ‘duds’ mentioned earlier.

So next time you think about calling that recruiter hoping to land that ideal candidate, think twice about whether there’s more you can be doing to ensure you hire ‘the dude’ (or ‘the dudette’) rather than ‘the dud.’