Entering the job search can be quite daunting, but with our helpful hints, you will hopefully feel confident and ready to land the job you want in no time at all!

A strong resume is important for ‘first impressions’.

Your resume should list both your responsibilities and achievements at each of your previous jobs. Include a section that outlines each of the skills you have attained, with a few sentences outlining where you learnt a particular skill and how you have employed it in the past. Ensure that these are relevant to the job position that you are applying for so as to demonstrate your suitability for this position. Include a few references at the end of your resume, including their name, job title, email address and contact number, with the most promising references at the top of your list. This will provide a potential employer with more insight into your character and skill set for your prospective job. Have someone you know read over your resume to check for typos and ensure that it’s clear of American spelling.

Securing meetings with people already in the industry you wish to enter is crucial for gaining insight and possibly securing a job.

Once you find the right person, such as a senior executive of a company that you hope to work for, you need to develop the right narrative to secure a meeting with this person. Whether you do this over a phone call or by email, you need to ensure that you don’t come across as asking them for a job. You should state that you are looking for a career change and that you are interested in the industry this person works in and thus, you want to meet for a coffee during the day or a quick drink after work to learn about their career and what opportunities are available in this industry.

Prior to the meeting, conduct research about the individual’s background so that you can ask pertinent questions. Also, bring a notebook to write down useful information during your meeting. This will demonstrate that you value this person’s time. The day after the meeting, send a follow up email to thank this person for their time and make a small comment about any key topics you researched that they offered during the meeting. This will strengthen your relationship with them and further their respect for you. You never know, this relationship could develop further into a mentor – mentee relationship, where you feel comfortable calling this person from time to time for career advice and guidance.

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