“Making the leap from the Defence Force to become CEO of own tech start-up”

CEO of tech start-up BenchOn and WithYouWithMe mentor Tim Walmsley’s transition wasn’t as challenging as many others experience. His preparedness and willingness to start his new career path after the ADF has helped Tim achieve success and motivated him to help others have a seamless transition.

Tim served in the army for 14 years in artillery and was deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq during this time. He demonstrated leadership and problem-solving skills as a Team Manager during his time serving, but credits his military experience at Capability Development Group for helping him get to where he is today. Tim was the Senior Project Manager for the Air Defence replacement project and built a large network in the Defence Industry to help his company gain strong early traction. He learnt the value of networking early on and urges those currently going through their transition to “start building your network now, it’s one of the most powerful ways to get a job. Most companies hire through their networks so get out there and start attending networking functions and Defence Forums”.

Tim had a reasonably easy transition process. He was preparing to leave the ADF in 2014 and was speaking to his future employer during this time to ensure that he had a good understanding of what his requirements would be before he started. He shares with those currently transitioning that the most critical requirement for entering the civilian workplace is to get a qualification. Tim notes that even though veterans are highly skilled and capable, “businesses often like to tick the qualification box. It doesn’t need to be a Masters degree, just something that is transferrable”.

Tim is now the CEO of BenchOn, which “solves employee underutilisation in businesses by matching their idle staff who are in between contracts, to short-term contracts from reputable companies and Government Agencies”. Since leaving the ADF, Tim hasn’t looked back and wants to help the military community in any way he can to have a smooth transition process.

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