“Strategise your exit from the Defence Force like any other mission”

Leaving the military in 2011 after 20 years of service, Bram Connolly was prepared to take the next step and enter a new career path. Although his transition was not a difficult process, Bram hopes that he can help other ADF members when they make their transition.

Bram joined the ADF when he was 17 years old as an Infantry soldier and progressed through the ranks to become a Major in Special Forces. When he decided to start his transition process, Bram was determined to put a plan in place to ensure that he would be ready to enter a new job. Initially, he commenced work with a crisis management organisation through a referral by an ex-service member. He then moved to the United Arab Emirates as a Military Advisor and now works on his own projects. He is currently a military thriller author and the founder of Warrior U, an “Internet based mentor company seeking to empower and inform the next generation of would be soldiers”.

Bram wants those who are currently transitioning from the ADF to know that “if you treat your exit like any other mission, gather your facts and plan accordingly, it can be a great experience”. He believes that this will ensure you don’t fall victim to the stereotype that veterans are broken and suffer from PTSD when they leave the ADF, which is often “further from the truth”.

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