“Preparation is key to land the right career after the Defence Force”

Serving for the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) has always been a passion of Jared Theisinger, and after 11 years he departed in 2015 ready to enter the civilian world. Jared didn’t encounter many challenges during his transition, but was helped immensely by our CEO Tom Moore to land the right job in the right industry. Now a successful Site Scheduler, Jared wants to support others through their transition process.

Jared worked as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician in the RAAF and after departing in 2015, Jared secured a position as a Field Service Engineer. Now working as a Site Scheduler, Jared believes that his military skills were highly transferrable to these positions. He credits his ability to deal with steep learning curves, a multinational workforce, adapt to changing environments, and perform under stressful situations as skills he acquired from the Defence Force.

Jared didn’t struggle immensely with his transition process from the ADF into industry. Initially, he thought this would be a difficult process, but he took the time to ensure he was prepared for the next step in his career after leaving the ADF. His most difficult challenge was working alongside civilians who didn’t share the same work ethic instilled in service personnel. Having gone through his transition process as a WYWM mentee, Jared knows the value and support provided by WYWM mentors and how valuable the WYWM program is for those transitioning from the ADF.

Jared wants those currently in transition to know they should ensure that “all of your ducks are in a row before making the transition and you will find it to be much smoother”. He also suggests not leaving the ADF until you land a role that will challenge you and provide you with a desire to make your career move.

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